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Level4 2015-11-02
After trying their specialty fish dish, we were back again to try their other food which also came with great review from mom's friend. Since she goes there quite often whether on the way up or down from Genting, we trust her word. Also she really wanted to bring us back there again after a mini-roadtrip.This time she ordered something specially for me. Chicken Stewed with Chinese Wine & Ginger which not many restaurants can get right. Nothing could ever come close to the one that my grandmother used to cook for the family. Until I tried New Rainbow's. Each of us were served a bowl filled to the brim with the stewed chicken and the soup, with plenty of slithers of ginger that gave the whole thing a very nice heat. Also as a special order and something I have never tried before, there was chunks of fried egg at the bottom of the bowl. When you take a bite of it, the egg bursts with the soup that it had been soaking in the whole time. The chicken was also incredibly tender which comes as no surprise as it was cooked in the wine and also it's own yummy juices.Though truth be told, I was only in it for the soup which I drank by the spoonfuls even if the wine really had quite the alcohol kick. By the end of dinner my face was flushing already and that didn't even stop me from finishing up my mother's bowl of wine & ginger soup.So far, the food here has been very good even if it is a little out of our way to go just for a meal. But if we were to ever pass by there then it would definitely be the place to stop.  continue reading
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