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Claypot Tofu Four Season Platter Steamed Fish Sweet & Sour Pork Spare Ribs
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Rising Gourmet 2013-07-06
This is the highlighted dish of th3 restaurant - sweet and sour pork spare ribs, one that you shouldn't leave without trying one.The pork ribs are deep fried in their special recipe to come out fall-off-the- bone tender. It is then poured with sweet and sour sauce on top . It makes the dish taste so nice and great when eat with rice. However, the dish is quite small, for bigger family, you might want to order more to avoid squabbling over the puny pieces of pork spare ribs.The service was good with relaxing ambient. continue reading
Rising Gourmet 2013-07-06
Everytime we visit this restaurant, i would have the captain to take our order, He is a very nice guy and friendly. This is another dish that recommended by the him , it is “ 扁鱼菠菜”, fried spinach with fish (named Oval flounder).The spinach is very soft compare to other types of vegetables, easy to chew and digest. The fish that cooked with the spinach makes the dish taste sweet. The fish is crunchy but its chewing hard. continue reading
Rising Gourmet 2013-07-06
It is a nice restaurant to have Chinese cruisine with family and friends. I had this Curry fish with bread which is one of my favourite. The curry i ordered comes with a big pomfret fish and cost RM 65 which enough for 4. There are other types of fish as well and the price is depends on the weight of the fish and market price of the day. The curry was nice as it taste a little of sour instead of just spicy. Hence it mixed well with their special homemade ‘mantou’ bread that taste sweet. The curry fish cooked with vegetables and ladies finger too. The fish is quite fresh ,no fishy smell at all. continue reading