Top 10 Mind-Blowing Themed Restaurants in Penang!
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In recent years, themed restaurants have become more and more popular in Malaysia. We see the same trend happening in Penang. These new restaurants with creative concepts and designs have successfully grabbed the attention of food lovers. To bring their restaurant's concepts to life, these restaurants have spent a lot of effort to decorate the interior to make the restaurants look unique and attractive. (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Toy Theme: Toy Café

toy café, toy, cafe
Step into Toy Café and be amazed by its interior decorated with a wide variety of toys, as if you are entering a kingdom of toys! The 3 owners of this themed café in Penang are food and coffee lovers. Just let them know what kind of coffee arts that you like, and they will create it for you! The dishes offered here are mainly cakes and snacks. While indulging yourself in the delicious desserts, you can feast your eyes on the wall paintings of cartoon characters that we are familiar with!

2. Beach Theme: By the Sea Café

by the sea, beach, themed cafe, penang, beach
Dining at this beautiful themed café painted in white and blue colors makes you feel like you are dining at the romantic Santorini Island in Greece. They offer a wide range of creative Western dishes, including toasts, snacks, and drinks. Most patrons come here for their best-selling toasts with different ingredients. The taste is simply superb! Visit this themed cafe in Penang for a unique experience of dining by the sea!

3. Eco Friendly Theme: B&W Coffee House

b&w coffee house, eco friendly, cafe, penang
B & W Coffee House is an eco-friendly café. What’s interesting about this café is that all the furniture in the café is made of paper box, which is the main concept of the café. Even the drinks here are packaged using paper box! No wonder the photos of this café have gone viral on social media! Their signature B&W Coffee is a must-try. The coffee is very smooth and fragrant! Apart from coffee and dessert, they also offer a few choices of lunch and dinner meals.

4. Kitty Theme: Purrfect Cat Café

purrfect cat cafe, kitty, cat, themed cafe, penang
Occupying two storeys, Purrfect Cat Café is a paradise for cat lovers. All cat-related products, such as clothes and souvenirs, are sold downstairs, while this themed café is located upstairs, where customers can interact with lovely cats and kitties and enjoy some simple snacks and drinks. The minimum spending here is RM18. Some of the profit will be used for charity purposes. Definitely a must-visit café if you are a cat lover!

5. Stitch Theme: Stitchats Café

stitchats cafe, stitch, themed cafe
Stitchats Café is the first café in Malaysia that features Stitch as the whole concept of the shop. Everything you see in this themed café is about Stitch, including the toys and the beautiful wall paintings. Food wise, this café specializes in Western Cuisine. One of their most popular items is the Spicy Mango Chicken Chop. The chicken chop is freshly deep-fried until golden brown and crispy and drizzled with spicy and sour mango sauce, absolutely appetizing!

6. 3D Coffee Arts Theme: Coffee on the Table

3d coffee art, themed cafe, penang
Formerly 55 Café, the café has changed its name to Coffee on the Table. They are mainly serving Western Cuisine. The main attraction here is still their 3D Coffee Arts. Aside from that, they also offer very good Rose Latte, which contains a light aroma of rose on top of the thick and fragrant latte.

7. Classroom Theme: Classroom Café

classroom cafe, classroom, penang, themed cafe
As its name suggests, Classroom Café adopts the theme of a classroom. Step into this café in Penang, and you’ll feel like entering the classroom of a primary school with large cupboards hanging on the wall. Their menu features a wide range of Western and Asian dishes. You can whet your appetite with their signature chicken chop, Cantonese fried rice, or soup noodles in a comfortable setting that exudes a warm and nostalgic ambiance.

8. Bicycle Theme: Wheeler’s Coffee

wheeler's coffee, bicycle, themed cafe, penang
Penang has recently been very active in promoting the activities of biking; hence, the themed restaurant’s owner has decided to open this restaurant with a bicycle theme. This café mainly serves Western Cuisine, and they offer some amazing coffee and dessert too. The taste of the coffee here is just right, very thick yet not too sweet, while the cakes are soft and fluffy. Whether you are a fan of bicycle or not, this is a comfy place to enjoy a a nice meal.

9. Cupid Theme: Cupido Café

cupido cafe, cupid, themed cafe, penang
Ever wonder what would a cupid-themed café look like? Head to this new themed café in Penang that has just opened for less than a month. The café’s interior is nicely decorated with paintings of love and cupid. Some clouds made of cotton are hanging from the ceiling to give customers a dream-like dining experience. Pizza lovers will be spoiled for choice, as they offer plenty of thin crust pizzas with different flavors. What’s more, the pizza is made into a beautiful heart shape!

10. Container Theme: Jack & Co

jack & co, container, themed cafe, penang
Jack & Co is the first container-themed restaurant in Penang. Both black and red containers are used to decorate the café. A wide variety of dishes are offered here at affordable prices. Their Smoked Duck and Orange Salad is highly recommended. The duck meat is tender and juicy, while the salad is made of fresh vegetables moistened with salad sauce and orange juice. Very refreshing and appetizing indeed!

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