Best Food in The Neighbourhood @ Lebuh Cecil Market!
lebuh cecil market, Penang, pasar, best food
Always going back to the same place for food when you're at Penang? Well, not anymore when you can visit Lebuh Cecil Market that is absolutely great with wide food choices too! Affordable and mouthwatering, here we go! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal.)

1. Sister Stir-Fried Sago

lebuh cecil market, Penang, pasar, best food, sister, fried sago
A special dish you can't exactly find else where, this is called Stir-fried Sago! Yes, it tastes starchy but they are good in 'Wok Hei' that makes it tastes exactly like Char Kuey Teow! So fragrant, it is slippery and smooth too!

2. Pasembur

lebuh cecil market, Penang, pasar, best food, pasembur, indian
Pasembur, or Indian Rojak, would be a great option too because you can order it to share and munch it while you're waiting for all your food to be served! Crispy and generous sauce in it, how do you resist it?

3. Nyonya Kuih

lebuh cecil market, Penang, pasar, best food, nyonya kuih
Kuih's are always a must have light bites as they are known to have so many variety you can choose from. More than 20 different types of kuih, including Nyonya Kuih, Chinese Kuih, and fried prawn crackers, are offered at both stalls. The kuih at the stalls are very popular and selling fast, especially during lunch hours. Remember to come here early to avoid disappointment!

4. Duck Meat Koay Teow Th'ng

lebuh cecil market, penang, pasar, best food, koay teow th'ng, duck meat
Duck Meat Koay Teow Th'ng here is another great stall you need to try! Uses duck meat, it is also served with coagulated duck blood, intestines and meat balls! Slurp up the broth and noodles in no time when they are served! Delicious!

5. Spare Ribs Hokkien Mee

lebuh cecil market, penang, pasar, best food, spare ribs, hokkien mee
Fragrant broth that leads us here, this stall too worth your time to try! Served like the usual bowl of Prawn mee, with prawns and dried shrimps that makes the taste even better; you've got to check them out too!

6. Char Koay Teow

lebuh cecil market, penang, pasar, best food, char koay teow
A very famous CKT stall that had been featured in many medias, they uses charcoal fire to cook the noodles and it is really good in 'Wok Hei'! Options of normal chicken eggs or duck eggs can be chosen to add into your Char Kuey Teow! Totally recommended, give it a try!

7. May Yong Siu Yuk

lebuh cecil market, penang, pasar, best food, siu yuk
Crackling skin Siu Yuk (Roasted Pork) are not to be missed here! This stall - May Yong Siu Yuk is so famous that you can see patrons flocking the stall frequently! Super good, what are you waiting for?

8. Popiah & Otak-Otak

lebuh cecil market, penang, pasar, best food, popiah, otak otak
Otak-otak and popiah another must try item here! Moist popiah that is really worth to die for, don't forget to try Otak-otak too! Fragrant coconut milk and fish paste otak otak wrapped in banana leaf, super good!

9. Lo Han Kuo

lebuh cecil market, penang, pasar, best food, lo han kuo
Looking for drinks to cool you down? Operating for more than 30 years here, they are famous for Lo Han Kuo drink! Consist of agar agar, dried longan, sea coconut, lychee and canned rambutan in a bowl of refreshingly good Lo Han Kuo, ideal to quench your thirst!

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