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http://www.umakemehungry.com/2018/01/restoran-capitol-satay.htmlIn Malacca,besides hunting for Nyonya Food & Chicken Rice Balls, the other must eat will be Satay Celup. No trip will be complete without trying their signature dishes.Given its popularity, many locals as well as tourists flocked to Restoran Capitol Satay and they are opened as early as 4pm. Even so, one is expected to wait in the queue. Service of Capitol Satay is efficient. As soon as we got our seats,they are fast in replacing the bucket of peanut sauce from the previous diners. Soon other the replacement, you can see how these guys work in team to ladle up scoops of peanuts and sugar from the side benches and into our serving bucket. Capitol Satay has an open buffet concept for diners to pick out their skewers to their tables. It's not very hygienic but that's the nature of satay celup. I noticed that the food's very fresh though, no stale, fishy smells or sour tastes.Satay Celup's concept is buffet style and allow diners to pick out their skewers. There are a good varities of skwered seafood, vegetables and meat. Each stick is charged at RM 1.20 each, while Orange plate at RM 3.50 and Purple Plate at RM 4.00 The gravy is thick and sweet. We dip all our skewers into the hot pot and over the fire waiting for it to be cooked. On a side note, i remembered the last round in Malacca, we had Satay Celup at another place and they will ask if we will like to reuse the peanut sauce or top up money for new peanut sauce. However in Capitol Satay, we were not sure if this bucket of peanut sauce is brand new. With our seats so near their kitchen, we have peeped into the kitchen on how they prepare their food. Perhaps after one round and observing their surroundings, I find it hard for me to make a return. 繼續閱讀
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港式沙嗲湯底平時試得多,用馬來沙嗲“醬“做鍋底打邊爐就是人生第一次!甜甜的味道,感覺好像瑞士火鍋一樣,只是朱古力轉成沙嗲醬,最好吃就是油條、麵包、豬皮和腐竹,能夠完全吸收沙嗲醬的精華!其他東西還不錯, 魚蛋還是十分彈牙可口, 豬肉串加上沙嗲醬亦變得惹味可口至於飲品, 誠意推薦酸桔汁, 十分解渴~!最重要還是價錢,叫了這麼多食物再加兩杯飲品才27馬幣,折合還不夠60港幣! 繼續閱讀
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Located at the T-junction of an old Melaka town is Capitol Satay. It has been run by 3 generations and is extremely famous within the region. International food celebrities have visited this place and you will notice all their photos up on the wall! There are tons of signs saying that Capitol Satay doesn't have any brother or sister stalls elsewhere to remind you that this is the one and only Capitol Satay! The queue grows pretty quickly here in a shop that only has about 15 tables.You basically get assigned a table after waiting in line and getting bitten by mosquitos and the will bring you a pot of satay sauce with a concoction of spices. After which you can go ahead to grab your sticks! It is 1.10rm per stick for all sticks except the prawns kept in another fridge in the back. There pork, quail eggs, fried dough fritters, vegetables and more. We grabbed quite a huge array of everything and we had 4 pax total. My favourite were these meat balls that you toss into the magic satay pot and you have to fish them out with the provided scoop. It absorbed all the flavour of the satay sauce completely! At the end of the meal, someone will count all your sticks and give you the final bill. In our case it was 60+ rm for 4 pax! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2015-12-05
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说到马六甲美食又怎么少得了沙爹朱律 Satay celup?这个改良自传统火锅的 satay celup,就是用了沙爹酱作为汤底,然后把肉串放入烫熟,让肉串沾满浓浓沙爹酱。虽然很多人因为卫生问题而对 satay celup 却步,但是马六甲几家有名的 satay celup 食店还是每晚大排长龙,周末的时候要等上一个小时更是普通的现象。就我个人口味而言,我比较喜欢 Capitol 的 satay celup。星期五的晚上,人龙也不见得短,我们等了大约 30 分钟才可以入座。在等待店员把桌子清理好的同时,我们先到摆放食物串的橱柜去挑选想吃的食材。之后店员带来了一大锅沙爹酱,加入沙爹香料和花生米,搅拌之后就是一锅香喷喷的沙爹酱啦!这里的食材还算新鲜,因为人流多,所以食物也销得比较快吧!每串 RM1.10不过比起几年前,我觉得食物的份量少了很多,每一串都小得可怜。而且选择不太多,来来去去都是鱼丸肉丸之类的。一些比较高档的海鲜如大虾、干贝等等都放在另一个冰柜里保持新鲜度,价格也比普通的食材高许多。这里其中一个很受欢迎的就是蕹菜卷,烫熟后的蕹菜卷吸满沙爹酱汁,很够味!除了需要汆烫的食材,这里还有我最爱的皮蛋配酸姜片,可以在等待食物煮熟的时候拿来当餐前小吃。在用餐完毕之后,我记得以前店员会在你面前把沙爹支和其他垃圾一并倒进沙爹汤底里,以证明他们不会把汤底循环再用。可是现在他们都不再这么做了。所以别问我到底那沙爹酱有没有被循环再用,我不想知道。我只是觉得既然已经决定来这里,那卫生程度就不要去想太多了。。。 繼續閱讀
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Hey, it is a long queue huh?Capitol Satay Celup gets seriously busy every night! With a long queue forming outside fills with the patrons that are willing to wait for a long time just to get a table!Once you are seated, go to the back and pick out you favourite satay sticks and bring them to your table. While at the back, there will be a wide selection of meats such as chicken, beef, prawn, fish balls, quail eggs, vegan and tofu that you can choose from. After that, the staff will start up your burner and prepares your pot. When it starts boiling, just get your satay sticks inside and wait for a period of time! Easy right? This place works just like a clay pot restaurant, or even a steamboat place.I personally like chicken satay, the big prawn was a bonus! 繼續閱讀
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