7 Cafes at Melaka for a Different Food Hunt! [Part 1]
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We love how Melaka is filled with delicious food that keeps us wanting for more. The crowds are always never ending especially when you head to Jonker Street for the famous chicken rice balls, Nyonya dishes, Nyonya Cendol and everything that you can spot there. We know how delicious it is, but do you prefer to hunt for something else when you’re there? Look out for these cafes that serve modern fusion food and give you a great ambience too! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

1. Truly Two Café

Truly Two Cafe, Mukim Bukit Baru, Milkshakes, Dessert, Melaka
Photo credit:Truly Two Facebook
Known as shakes and dessert café, they ain’t ordinary shakes yo! Overflowing milkshakes are the thing you need to try here. A glass of milkshake that is topped with mouthwatering dessert ingredients and overflowing of sauces and cream, you can see how special these shakes are. Besides, remember to indulge on their sizzling brownies, Pavlova, cakes, pancakes and magnum ice creams to top on it too!

2. Coffee Bear Café

Coffee Bear Café, Teddy Bear Cafe, Kota Syahbandar, Dessert, Melaka
A café that uses Teddy Bears as decoration inside and out, they will sure to delight the ‘inner’ child in you! Love the lighting there especially when nightfalls, their seats too are special and suits the theme. Serves hot food and desserts too, they have added waffles into their menu recently! Looking so appetizing, come here to hug on the huge bears and you can even buy the teddy bears from the merchandize corner!

3. Alley No.5

Alley No.5, Coffee, Dessert, Melaka
Photo credit:Alley No.5 Facebook
Located at an alley no.5 Lorong Jambatan here, this café are designed to look so nostalgic and vintage hipster-ish feel too! Serves coffee and cakes, they do have local indie bands performances here too. Enjoy the serenity here if you love to have some ‘me-only’ time, they are really a great place to hang out when you’re at Melaka! Not forgetting to mention, the interior too makes it a nice place for photoshooting!

4. Plat Kitchen

Located at Taman Melaka Raya, Plat Café is definitely the place to chill and inhale all the good vibes! Serves all day breakfast, sandwiches, mains, cakes and coffee; their crossover of local ingredients and pastes used along with western noodles like Tomyum Lasagna or even Sambal spaghetti, these food are just one of the best comfort food for a different change!

5. Locahouz Café

One of the places you should visit when you’re at Melaka, the interior makes this place flourished nicely with large paintings, historical elements and a perfect place to stop by for hearty and warm food. Serves deliciously home-made food, they have some great delights like Homemade ‘Lo Mai Kai’, Braised Pork with Preserved Vege, Pandan Latte, Red Wine Stewed Pork, Pastas and Cakes. Free from the busy streets, you’ll enjoy this one!

6. Nido Café

Nido Café, Coffee, Dessert, Melaka
A simple and cosy café with minimalist design, enjoy sipping coffee, teas and munch on specially picked and made with attention food here. A simple menu but tastes delicious, most would go for their mashed potato that is made differently especially when sesame dressing is used in it. Fragrant and soft, no wonder many liked this! Other than that, they do have Japanese Braised Pork rice that’s braised till perfection, soft and the gravy hits the spot too.

7. Justberry Dessert

Justberry Dessert, Durian Dessert, Coffee, Dessert, Melaka
Looking for a place that serves desserts? A dessert bar that serves cold and chilling icy desserts, honey toasts, cakes and sweet delights, they even have some specialty desserts like using half of a melon, watermelon or dragon fruit as a bowl! Plus, their best seller but seasonal item – Musang King dessert makes it another reason you need to visit them for sure!
Truly Two Cafe
Coffee Bear Cafe
Alley No.5
Plat Kitchen
Locahouz Cafe
Nido Cafe
Justberry Dessert
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