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Fish Head Curry Banana Leaf Fried Tenggiri Masala Tosai
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等級1 2017-05-03
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從未食過如此好味道的印度菜,多謝朋友帶我去享受這豐富的美食。山長水遠的到吉隆坡,相約朋友聚餐,朋友要上班抽空在午餐時段帶我到這間充滿正宗印度風味的餐廳午餐。真係一試難忘。我本身唔係咁食到辣的,朋友點菜也就住來點。點好菜,服務員就把大大片蕉葉放在面前然後陸續把飯餸配菜續一放在蕉葉上。配菜有青瓜、有炸魚仔,有炸瓜(紅色的炸得透脆唔覺熱氣)還有白飯是任添加,瓜菜醃漬味道適中容易入口,醬汁有魚肉醬、豆茸醬和咖喱醬,服務員每款配菜也會問你們要唔要的,我唔食辣的,也照要了條炸辣椒(炸得好脆 ,用手一壓就碎~和飯餸伴在一起來食),隻辣椒係鹹鹹辣辣的,食到我有小小噴火,記住大家要用右手進食(因為左手係用來……),餐廳也有提供匙叉使用,不過我也嘗試用右手進食,先用手把醬汁和飯伴在一起,用手指攞起一小撮放在第二,第三,第四隻手指上,然後用大姆指一推,把飯推進口裡去,我用過方法食了幾口就……自覺食得慢了!還是用匙叉食好點。左手面紅色那些是炸雞,炸得皮脆肉滑醃漬入味!圖中見到細細杯的係湯,也是辣辣的香濃的。飲品點了簡單的青檸水,食什麼辣都飲一口解解辣!還有脆脆有蝦味的炸蝦片!整體這餐真係無得彈今次坐室外,辛好我們早到,由於係食飯時間店舖很快便無位,見企在門口排隊長龍。我們也快快口食完就離開讓坐給其他人午餐。和朋友的聚餐到此完結。下次過吉隆坡也希望再到此開餐啦! 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2016-09-30
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No go at public holiday is a long queue for it. Wait about half an hour. But you come at normal day should be fine. We order normal banana leaf rice, rm8.50, fish rm8, the goat curry, rm8(forget ard), overall the food is nice, very full. Because we got order drinks. The very 1st time u need to tell them which one u want more the side dish, no refill.But I think the banana leaf is slightly high cost then other. You can have a try urself 繼續閱讀
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朋友帶我嘗試過,價錢雖然偏高,都是絕對值得。普通沒有加料已經很大份,服務員會不停拿不同的咖哩、辣椒問你要不要,還有炸苦瓜,炸江魚仔各種各樣小吃!很不錯!喜歡!我也帶過很多朋友品嚐過,個個都讚好。不過這裡最頭痛就是沒有位parking⋯⋯通常我都會double park,不過double park記得留意人家車出喇! 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2015-11-08
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When my friend told me about eating somewhere that serve you with banana leaf, i was laughing. I thought they will put it on top of a plate just like you are having nasi lemak antarabangsa but noooo they really serve you with banana leaf alone with no plate. So at first i was in doubt about their cleanliness but after awhile i was looking around, everyone seems to enjoy their food. We were waiting for 10 minutes to find a seat because it was lunchtime and it was fullhouse.Once we've got our seat, we started to order. But i have no idea how to order so let my friend do all the talking. Once we got our banana leaf and the rice and all, we started to take pictures lol. Especially for me, (never tried anything like this before) i am a person who likes to eat with plate and this is just one weird thing i have discovered (lol being the city girl for too long perhaps?) . So i started to dig in and seriously, it tasted delicious! no wonder it was fullhouse! I put away all my negative thoughts about whether its clean or not and just enjoy the food. I was surprised that it doesn't cost cheap. It cost around RM 10 to RM15 per person. Well i will never complain when it comes to good food. After a couple times i eat this banana leaf(that time was trending on instagram) with my friends and all i started to like it even more . This place is not suggested to come during peak period especially during weekdays. You know how pack bangsar is. At the end, i had a full stomach (happy me!) .Overall : fullhouse, trending, delicious 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-10-05
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Growing up in Sarawak, I've never had banana leaf rice before because my family tend to only stick to Chinese food or home cooked food. So it took me 28 years to discover this. Nirwana is fairly well-known banana leaf rice restaurant that is almost always busy. Not surprisingly since the food there is consistent and good. A basic set of banana leaf rice comes with rice (of course), 3 vegetarian side dishes, then you can choose to have some fried chili (not sure what it's called) and rasam (tamarind soup) and the type of gravy you want over your rice. Like this: I love to flood my rice with plenty of gravy and often will request for chicken and fish (their dahl is pretty good too). Being conscious of what I eat, generally I will stop them from giving me too much rice. My favourite side dish would have to be the deep fried bitter gourd. Not sure what they used to achieve the vibrant red colour (hopefully not food colouring) but they sure are addictive. I love the crunch and the mild spices. Delicious. The middle one was chopped up long beans and they were pretty good too, well seasoned and retaining their crunch. Lastly, on the left we have somewhat a salad with cucumber and carrot. I think the milky liquid might have been yoghurt, this tasted pretty mild, but refreshing. I love their rasam (not pictured) too. With a meal like this, there is no need to order more side dishes but if you prefer to have your meal with meat or seafood, there are plenty to choose and most are quite good. Especially their chicken dishes. Just beware it can get quite expensive if you go crazy on the side dishes. Otherwise the basic set is only RM6. 繼續閱讀
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