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After reading positive review about Shell Out, we finally drive all the way from Setapak to Kota Damansara to have our seafood feast. This lovely place is opened in June 2013 with the originality for being the first restaurant that brings American unique concept of eating seafood using our hands only. The whole idea is to get our hands messy, busy with our fingers and leave the handphone aside. Spending time and bonding with family and friends together, everyone will be concentrating to peel off the fresh seafood and this is the great moments to chat, laugh and having fun. Very much agree with that and every table are happily enjoying their seafood.Forget about the cholesterol level and come let's eat and get our hands's dirty!The signature food- Fresh crab available dailyEye catching place at every side of the corner.I was admiring those comments on the walls, lamps, ceiling, tables, chairs..almost everywhere..customers are really creative that they also take the ladder and went up to put down their signature to mark the date and time they have dine in here in Shell Out. All types of writings with different colours. Unfortunately, the special designed marker is out of stock. Maybe you should just bring your own marker The restaurant decoration is impressive and felt like sailing to the seaFishing net on the side table with some fishes and shell inside. Wooden table and chairs seating with lots of drawing and signatures on it. You can even draw your faces thereNo plates and cutlery's . Only a roll of tissue is provided for each table and few clean wax brown paper. Shell Out promises daily fresh seafood supply and we can get the choices of Indonesia Crab ( at Market Price), King Crab Legs (Market Price, pre-order only), King Prawn (RM39.90/300g; RM49.90/500g; RM89.90/1kg), Clam (RM18.90/500g; RM30.90/1kg), Crawfish/Yabbies (RM46.90/500g; RM88.90/1kg); Scallop (RM20.90/250g; RM36.90/500g), Giant scallop RM 24.90 for 5 pieces and etc..Step 1 - Pick you favourite seafood..What's your catch for the day??Step 2, Choose your sensation by selecting the sauce of Lemon Pepper, Butter Garlic, Shell Bang (combination of Lemon Pepper and Butter Garlic), Black Pepper or Curry Curry sauce. Step 3 - Spice them up with Mild, Medium or OMG. Step 4 - Add on broccoli, corn on cob, potato or sausage.FYI, Japanese snail (RM 13.90) is only available on Fri, Sat and Sun. Always maintain fresh, they only keep it for 3 days. Refreshing drinks - Green tea (can be refill), V-Soy and CoconutSlurping up to the last spoonful of the soup of the day ( chicken mushroom soup) together with the crispy garlic breadJeremy is kind enough to show us their fresh crab. The medium / standard size of the crab is 650gram and the small size crab is weighted at 200-250 gram.Fresh water YabbiesOctopus RM 20.90 / 20 pcs. Delightful and the savoury sauce went very well with the baby octopusI am salivating looking at these incredible seafood dish and we discover different flavors in every bite. Appetizing clam with lemon pepper sauce. Personally, I love this so much and I almost finished half of this portion. The sauce blends so well The half shell scallop is cooked with butter garlic and mild sensation. Flavourful and when you see the scallop and clam is peeled off themselves from the shell, which means this is really good. When we tasted all the seafood especially the clam, we did not found any sand in the shell. All are fresh and cleanGorgeous King Prawn (butter garlic sauce) . The king prawn texture is pretty good. Solid, juicy and bouncy. Light flavours ,so we can enjoy the natural sweetness of the fresh prawns Moments of excitement when the crab was thrown on our table..Yummylicious!I am not kidding you..the crab is really giant size!!Food are served in the basket and wrapped inside the plastic bag. Shake Shake..then the staff will poured out the fresh and aromatic seafood on the table. You can choose to leave the seafood on the plastic bag or poured everything out. I will prefer the second choice.We are so ready with our napkins on..So let's eat!!Apart from that, we order the sweet taro stick. Combination of yam and pandanCrawfish (Yabbies) . The Shell Bang sauces are not too overpowering, incredibly addictive and each sizes of the Yabbie is huge. We are taught how to peel it off nicely with the proper technique. Firstly, remove by twisting the head. Then, laid it on the table horizontal , press on both side in the middle and you will hear the sound " crack" ..The simplest way to shell is to take the tail between thumb and forefinger then with your other hand use your thumb to peel the shell off the front end of the tail. Now you can take the exposed flesh and pull it from the end of the shell. Deep fried pomfret with Cajun fries (RM 13.90)Placing them nicely. The silver pomfret is fried to perfection and crispy. I can easily peel it off easily and the small bones is also crispy Beautifully presented with sauces all around . We are going to mess it all. I squeeze the lime and the lemon sour taste brings up another level of satisfaction.Reshaping the crab. Must try this! Perfect blend on the Shell bang sauce and adding on the OMG sensation. Surprisingly, the sauces are just mild, not that spicy that I can imagine off with the small red chili. Simply irresistible!Look at how enjoyable we are..10 fingers stained with sauces and smiling all the way..finger licking good.The wall art creation from one of their staff. Can you spell out the word correctly?Only RM92 for Crab Combo (2Pax) / RM168 for Crab Super Combo (4Pax) - Recommended for family dining to enjoy Delicious Seafood Galore like Crabs, Mussels, Tiger Prawn & Octopus . This is perhaps a worth package that completes your meal with seafood and balance up with some nutrition vegetables.Thanks Jeremy for the scrumptious seafood meal and will surely coming back for second visit with my family. Great place to dine in and I will rate full star for all..food, environment, and service!!SIMPLICITY IS EVERYTHING !!Shell Out16-1, Jalan PJU 5/15,Dataran Sunway,Kota Damansara.Business Hours:11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (Mon – Thurs)11:30 a.m. till 11:00 p.m. (Fri – Sat)5:30 p.m. till 10:00 p.m. (Sunday)Tel : -6140 2855 / 03-7497 1137(Call for reservation)Email : shellout@ymail.comFacebook : https://www.facebook.com/theshelloutMenu Link : https://attachment.fbsbx.com/file_download.php?id=1458494754414560&eid=ASsxvvzTAmYo9r-RIlqa2C0pVZkLZLdlPkVaYye5nLKWE0L7Pgu55Eko9MRV9NJaV-I&inline=1&ext=1412878777&hash=ASuCSZNwsRWY-b6pDeal Link : https://www.livingsocial.com/my/cities/1964-klang-valley-kuala-lumpur/deals/1266246-crab-combo-for-2pax-crab-super-combo-for-4pax 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2014-10-05
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My first experience dining without cutleries and plates. The food is serve in a plastic bag and pour on table cover with waxing paper. Their menu is very simple, just choose the seafood- pick the sensation - spice up. They have 5 different flavours which is Lemon Pepper, Butter Garlic, Curry Curry, Black Pepper and Shell Bang.For the appetizer,we order garlic bread 3pcs which is RM 3.90 and the soup of the day is RM 6.90. Sweet taro sticks contains yam and pandan which is very nice.We order crab and crawfish with shell bang sauce. Shell bang sauce is the combination of all the flavours and was really good. The crab price is depends on the size and market price while the craw fish for 500g is RM 49.90. These half shell scallops is delicious with butter gralic too. Price is RM 20.90 for 250gWe also order clam (lala), silver promfret, king prawn for tonight dinner.This is a nice place for family and friends gathering. The staff also friendly and you can read all the lines tht customer penned on the wall, table and chair.  繼續閱讀
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When “shell out” on food, it is only fair that one should enjoy it and make sure it is worth paying for. First of all, one must foremost be able to get whole of the directions around this enclave for some of the roads are strictly one way and thus making it slightly challenging to get to the Shell Out. Not to mention parking bay is also a challenge during peak hours. It is not difficult to guess what is on the menu especially with the nautical décor in the shop on the wall and at the same time spotting lots of nets and gear for the avid fisherman or angler. No cutleries required and the dining experience is first of its kind around town and is a fun American style to devour seafood. It was a great experience while tantalizing the taste bud to varies sensations and levels of spiciness. The menu is really simple, picking your selection of seafood and the offered sensation. With no plates, instead just plastic bags wrapping the seafood of mainly the shell kind served straight after ripping the bags opened on our table.The Scallop in half shell sells at RM 17.90 per 250 g and was deliciously sweet and definitely better than the prawns. Those prawns lack the essential key to good food, which is freshness. Also, I am not a fan of prawn’s intestinal vein. Same goes with the crab and crawfishes, in which I really puzzled since seafood is their main and only ingredients. The star on the table is definitely the Snails. It was substantially huge, succulently sweet and juicy, with perfect texture so blissful and astonishing when cooked with the spices and flavours.The Fried Sweet Potato makes a good starter and is selling at RM 8.90 per basket. The Fried Fish Basket serves deep fried baby pomfret that is super crispy and fun to chew in. This one sells at RM 10.90 per basket.There were five in a basket and with a bunch of creative people, guess what happened to the fish? LOL.It was a pleasureble experience one should try at least once.LoveSycookies 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-06-26
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Going crustacean-crazy at this new seafood restaurant, where customers won't have to shell out too much cash to savor an ocean's bounty.Nautical ornamentation of fishing nets, lifebuoys & shellfish-themed wall artwork ensure that even landlubbers know what to expect. Forget about feasting on fowl here.Aussie crayfish steals the spotlight; it's well worth getting our hands dirty to scrape out every sweetly moist morsel of meat. RM42.90+ per 500 grams.Shell Out's sauces include Cajun Sensation, Lemon Pepper & Garlic Butter. Levels of spiciness range from Mild to Medium to OMG.Shell Out's opening promo makes us happy as a clam: Get 300 grams of mollusks free for every 500 grams of crayfish ordered. Offer valid through June 16.Meaty crabs, RM7.50++ per 100 grams, about RM20 per crab. Shell Out's forte is fantastic freshness; much of its seafood is kept live here, as far as possible.Prawns, RM26.90++ for 300 grams. Caution: Customers who must nitpick might pounce on the flavorful sauces, which threaten to prove overpowering sometimes. Battered baskets are available too, showcasing steaming-hot, crispy-juicy shrimp, shishamo & calamari with fries, roughly RM10++ each. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2013-06-14
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他们的菜单很简单,有螃蟹、虾、蛤蜊 、小龙虾等海鲜,点了你要的海鲜之后,选择酱料和辣度就可以了!你也可以添加一些的配料例如玉米、饭之类的。接着戴好他们准备的围巾就准备开餐啦!除了海鲜,他们也有一些小吃。我要推荐这炸番薯,口感很特别。表皮炸的酥脆,但里面的番薯却很绵密香甜。吃腻了炸薯条,这炸番薯的确别有一番风味~~~而海鲜方面,我们点一只螃蟹和300g的虾子,酱料则点店家推荐的Shell Bang (综合所有的酱料)。他们的海鲜很新鲜,虾子和螃蟹的肉质都很肥美。而Shell Bang这酱料也很特别,我不会形容耶,但味道很不错,我们把海鲜上的汁吮的一滴也不剩~我们点的是小辣,对于不太能接受辣的朋友而言很适合。http://www.joliediary.com/2013/06/shell-out-dataran-sunway-damansara.html 繼續閱讀
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