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等級3 2016-05-31
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Le Pont, rising to be one of the famous bakery in Old Klang Road. The 3-storey bakery has become a new landmark for the area, you can easily spot it with their outstanding design. Like most cafes, Le Pont practices the self-service culture where patrons have to make their order & payment at the counter for the take away sections. Upstairs section is for dining, plenty of comfortable seats available.Despite being as a bakery, Le Pont do take their coffee seriously. Honestly I do not expect the coffee will be very good, I was coming for the signature Le Pont Waffles though , but surprisingly it’s worth the price we paid for LOLOverall the food is good, but the service need to be improved. They have enough of staff there but it’s still take me 5 mins for somebody to come and serve.  繼續閱讀
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等級3 2016-01-30
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The weather was crazily hot. We went to coco steamboat for dinner and it was worst. We couldn't wait for dinner to over and to find a nice and chilling place to chill.One place came to our mind. Le Pont which is located opposite this place. To be exact, for those who know where Xenri Old Klang Road is, this cafe is in the building right opposite Xenri. Not that difficult to find eh?So when we reach we were quite surprised as the place is quite huge. Three floors in total. The first is a bakery and pastry place where you can choose the bread you want to but we head straight to the cafe at the second floor. Brown and dark interior, quite a nice decoration. But the third floor is not opened. We heard that it is only open for functions, not too sure about that. So we had the rose latte as well as the waffle. Waffle came with cream and ice cream and it looks good. One bite and we were blown away. Right amount of chewiness and crisp crust on the outside, it wasn't too bad. As for the rose latte, I was a little skeptical though as the rose actually tasted more like local syrup to me. It doesn't taste bad but I would expect a more fragrant rose bud kinda taste. Pretty for pictures though as it looks pinky. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2016-01-29
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Love bread? Love coffe? Love waffles? Have no where to go? Maybe try Le Pont? Le Pont is a bakery-cafe place located on Old Klang Road near the Elken Head Quarters. I first heard of Le Pont from a friend whose mothers works in Elken. Figures right? I mean who'd be able to see this porsh cafe from the main road? Unless, you're the super alert to road signs kind of person. Le Pont is a very nice and chill kind of place to hang out at if you are into that kind of stuff. Mind you, Le Pont is kind of actually there to serve most of the office staff around the area. Unlike other places, Le Pont has designated their ground level for those who'd wish to just buy bread or wish to just get a to-go cup of coffee... Explains why I see it as they cater to the office crowd, right? On the second floor, here's where you get more of a cafe-restaurant like feel rather than a bakery-cafe feel like if you were to go to Tous Les Jours (the korean bakery cafe). When I said that they catered to the office crowd, you'd imagine them selling drinks and food at rip-off price, right? Well, you aren't entirely Wrong. The food and beverages here aren't exactly the cheapest around, neither is it the most expensive. But, for the quality of the food the offer, the pricing is definitely all right. For drinks, what's special here is their different varieties of flavored lattes. I'm a big fan of Chai Latte (which is like not common in Malaysian cafes ) but since they didn't have chai latte, I, with the suggestion of my friend, decided to get their rose latte which was AMAZING although I'd bet it is mostly rose flavored syrup. But it is a must try, the taste is simply devine. As for food, their bakery breads aren't that bad, limited selection though. Here, you MUST order their waffles. Their waffles here are amazing. If you visit this place, look to your left and right and you'll see that waffles are what the regulars here order. So, if you aren't for an afternoon chit chat session with a friend, come try out this place!!! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2015-11-30
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There have been quite a lot of hype about Le Pont - both negative and positive. I've also seen quite a lot of pretty pictures of the cafe on Instagram and also Facebook but have never got the chance to visit until recently. Based on recommendation, I ordered the Vegetarian Lasagne which I shared with my good friend. It has roasted vegetables in between each layer and topped with some capers. It was Italian in every bite and I totally did not notice the missing meat element from the dish too. Although I would prefer if my lasagne was hotter when it got to our table. But other than that this dish was pretty good for the rm25.90 price tag. My order of Rose Latte priced at Rm12.90. This was a first time for me because it's not something I see a lot on regular cafe menus and probably was not a popular order. But I think this might just be almost as good as my Caramel Latte order. There's a very subtle rose flavour and sweetness in the coffee which makes it feel a little more special, then I feel a little bit more classy drinking it. There are many more things on the menu that I've yet to try so I'd definitely be back. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2015-10-23
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It was exactly monthversary when we visited Le Pont Boulagerie which opens its door to public on 4 June 2015 during a soft launch. Even then, words have got around excitingly among epicureans of Klang Valley, and eventually, the beckoning signal reaches our gastronomic radar (=Le Pont means "The Bridge" in French. Like the name suggests, this is a place where the gaps are bridged and ideas are connected over good food and drinks. There are 2 upper floors for dine in basically with the Ground Floor meant for take-away, which also houses the pastry kitchen helmed by Chef Fadzly and his team, whilst the dehydrated guests could get their thirst quenched at Beverage & Bar counter at First Floor and the final Second Floor opened to public is where savory kitchen is situated to dish up scrumptious repast by chefs seasoned with 3-Michelin star experience to whet your palate discerningly. While anchoring French pastry as its backbone, the carte du jour interestingly covers various cuisines, ranging from modern European and Italian, as well as imparting some Japanese flair too.F&B quality is utmost emphasized here, even preparing just a normal lemon tea but great details and efforts are added to it, and this synergy is what actually manoeuvring the business briskly behind Le Pont Boulangerie.Embarked with an élan wooden décor, copious with multi-faceted vintage setting, this French bakery café is poised to draw you over for what is defined by true panache of authentic French boulangerie, pleasantly served at a truly affordable price.Coming from the idea of interconnecting each other, the union concept is indeed intensely showcased in its contemporary interior design and asymmetrical built-up that exudes a sense of simplicity harmoniously but elegantly set forth at the same time, as well as reflective of its fusional bill of fare.At Le Pont, from soup to salad, there’s no appetite too big or small. Get ready to relish from…….. Le Pont Mushroom Soup (MYR 9.90) Served with house special sauteed mushroom toastPumpkin Soup with Mustard Seed and Squids Salsa (MYR 13.90) Smooth and creamy pumpkin soup with a twist of tanginessThere is even Beet Root Soup, but only available with a combo set, not ala carte yet. A refreshingly light and squeaky-clean palate to beet root fans, an acquired taste to some otherwise.Salad Nicoise (MYR 13) The classic French salad with green bean, tuna, chopped egg and shallot vinaigrette. Le Pont Caesar Salad (MYR 13) Special Le Pont Caesar salad comes with a slow-cooked egg, crispy fried white bait, seaweed croutons and shaved parmesan cheeseAioli with Seasonal Vegetables (MYR 9.90) The traditional French way to enjoy seasonal veggies. Isn't it a vibrant hors d'oeuvre? ^_^Le Pont crudités comes with house made pickles especially the radish, which tasted zestily tangy! On top of that, the carrot sticks are really crunchy and i never imagine cauliflower could actually be enjoyed raw (being the typical Chinese) and it's so crisp! The aioli complements well but i don't mind it to be more garlicky, yum!Sandwich Combo (MYR 22.30)The ‘best hits’ from selection of sandwiches, ranging from beef sandwich, smoked salmon sandwich, tuna egg sandwich and vegetarian sandwich, comes with truffle fries and garden salad.Amusingly, my personal hits were the eggy tuna and vegetarian type. The seemingly kelp is wonderfully interwoven in its Japanese flair as well as the vegetarian nosh that gave a tough rival with its flavouful grilled greens too, somehow also reminds me of the ratatouille. Yum yum!Beef Feta cheese, zesty salsa verde and marinated capsicumSmoked SalmonSliced cucumber and farm tomato some gold flakesTuna EggMarinated seaweed and farm tomato with some silver flakesVegetarianGrilled zucchini, eggplant, red onion, capsicum and topped with basil sauceAs suggested by Le Pont, no spoon is required in enjoying these simply hearty grubs!Up next is from the hot kitchen to your tastebud with tenderly prepared house specials that gonna please your palate decadently.Braised Beef Brisket (MYR 33.80) Perfectly cooked beef brisket served with buttery potato puree and ratatouille. Meat was tenderly cooked thankfully, and easily to fork through the succulence.When it comes to serving the freshest and finest ingredients to the best selection of pastas, always prepare it al dente. Anchovy Linguine (MYR 17 Pasta tossed with anchovy sauce, seasoned with seaweed, then topped with chopped parsley. Daintily served with anchovy grissino (long slender crusty breadstick) that delightfully executed with the mild brininess. Ideal pick for people who is not so keen on creamy based pasta but appreciates subtle shade of gravy.Squid Risotto (MYR 18.80) Classic white risotto (cheese based) with sautéed squid. I like it as 80% cooked for the perfect nuanceSoon beverage and coffee to refresh, calm or excite you, just like the affagoto. From Les Classique; Rose Latte (MYR 12.50)Affogato (MYR 12) Premium inhouse made vanilla gelato using fresh vanilla pods to pamper you with the delicate velvet-textured. Only specially available with affogato only.……….and the rich indulgent Hot Chocolate (MYR 11)And certainly not calling it a day without taking away some of the mouthwatering freshly baked pastries!Almond Danish (MYR 4.90)Sundried Tomato with Basil (MYR 4.50) Really love the freshly made and preservative-free loaf, spongy and saporous. I particularly love the sweet-sourish of the sun dried tomatoes that blends really well with the basil, which is also one of my favourite herb. Yum yum!Mini Croissant (MYR 1.50) The version of ‘krwah-sahn’ (as pronounced by the native, hehe) from Le Pont doesn’t fall far from the tree of a good French croissant. Each bite is fluffily flaky and most importantly, soft and buttery at the same time.There's a simple elegance illustrated from the first course of bright veggies, fresh herbs, scrumptious soups, tantalizing entrées to aromatic cup of joe using its ‘Bridging blend’. From classic to modern flavors, the gastronomic journey takes you to an impeccable start then en route to wrapping up the meal on a satisfying note. From the first bite to the last sip, bliss! Cheers and Carpe Diem! ❤ℒℴѵℯ❤ Location: 6, Jalan 1/137C, Bedford Business Park, Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaContact: +603 783 0900Business Hours: 12pm- 12am (Sun – Thurs) 12pm - 2am (Every Fri, Sat and eve of Public Holidays)Website: https://www.facebook.com/LePontBoulangerie 繼續閱讀
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