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等級3 2016-05-31
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It came as a pleasant surprise that another commendable café has sprouted up at the Puchong PFCC. Strategically located at the Bandar Puteri Puchong,you can easily spot Ground Eatery with its outstanding cozy vibe.As we were still full from the dinner we had in Walnut Café, so we were here to taste up our buds with their famous desserts. After a quick glance from the menu, we decided to go for the signature eggettes ! Generously topped with chicken floss, cornflakes, ice cream and berry sauce, a delicious combination that can fuel your tummy!Other than the nice foods, their service is friendly. Definitely will come back again for other delicious foods I saw from the menu-especially the tofu cheese cake!Ground EateryTower 4& 5, PFCCJalan Puteri 1/2, Bandar Puteri Puchong,47100 Puchong, SelangorTel: 017-649 6092Open 12pm – 12am  繼續閱讀
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蒲种公主城的 PFCC 一连开了好几家环境气氛不错的咖啡馆,让我周末消磨时光的去处又多了一些选择。这里最红的莫过于是风格优雅简约的 Walnut Cafe,但是我这人天生叛逆,就是不想跟风,所以我去了在 Walnut Cafe 隔壁的 Ground Eatery。刚开业几个月的 Ground Eatery,最令我印像深刻的就是门口外的那棵“树”,虽然不是真的,但还是给人一种身在大自然的感觉,和一般工业风或简约风的咖啡馆很不一样。店面本身有点狭小,座位之间的走道让人寸步难行。咖啡馆的后半段做了个阁楼,很适合用来办私人派对,可惜我去的时候阁楼并没有开放,要不然我一定会选择坐在那里的。食物方面也颠覆了一般咖啡馆的全日早餐类,这里的餐点有八成是意大利面和披萨等等的主食,如果一心想来吃 Big Breakfast 的人可要失望了。Cappucino - RM10, Latte - RM9趁着食物上桌之前先来一杯咖啡。Cappuccino 和 Latte 对我而言都不够浓,口感虽然细滑,但就是觉得淡了一点。Mentaiko pasta - RM19明太子意大利面是我一直很想尝试的口味,想知道这个融合了日式和意大利口味的面食到底是什么味道的。我最喜欢意大利面上面躺着的那颗温泉蛋,戳破后蛋黄流出来的瞬间我都看得醉了。意大利面的酱汁有点像是日式的美奶滋,吃多了会觉得膩,我还是觉得传统的意大利奶油酱汁会比较对味。唯一可取的是一边吃,明太子一边在嘴里爆开的感觉,好好玩,而且还隐约带着一种鲜味。Smoked duck aglio olio - RM20不嗜辣的我特别要求不放辣椒粉的 Smoked duck aglio olio。面条的软硬度适中,但是调味方面多了香茅的味道,显得不太适合。还好烟熏鸭胸肉做得还不错,够软够香,而且给的份量不少。这里食物的价格稍贵,但是店家没有额外收取消费税和服务税,基本上就和一般的咖啡馆收费差不多。但是食物喝咖啡的水准达不到我心目中的标准,所以应该是不会再回头的啦!By 阿七 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2016-04-03
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                Thank god, is Friday again and also Happy April Fool. Well, it is another last day of weekdays for people who busy working go out to somewhere for some chilling. I had been to another two hipster cafés which is at the same row as Ground Eatery that located at PFCC, Puchong. So, now I had a plan with friend to go to the third hipster café at there for our dinner. When we reached there at 7.40, I was wondering why there were so many people out there waiting…. Until a lady approached to me ‘Miss, did you do your reservation?’ So, now I know what’s happening right here…. Okay then we are in the waiting list and have to wait for 45 minutes approximately. #skippedthewaitingmoment#                  8.38pm: Finally, is our turn. We ordered as fast as we could since we already discussed while waiting for the table. The interior design is just simple decorations with lamps and wooden tables and chairs. I regret that don’t have a chance to go up to the second floor for the sit as there was a function happening up there I think.                  Feel kind of like hungry ghost at the meanwhile, luckily they served their food fast to kill us from becoming hungry ghost. We ordered their signature dino eggs *is really looks like dinosaur egg haha* It is kind of like egg wrapped in minced pork plus a bowl of fresh salad. Besides, Kimchi Bacon Pasta was also in our order as my friend is a fan of Korean food. The bacon tastes awesome, the grill level is just at the optimum level.          However, they also introduced us about their new dessert – Signature Hong Kong Eggettes. You won’t have an imagination that how would egg-waffle match with ice cream, cornflakes and chicken floss. Some sweet chilly feels with crunchy taste just perfect. Coffee lover won’t forget about her coffee, so I had ordered a cup of cappuccino with a love –The Simplicity of Coffee Arts.                  All in all, this place really worth to wait for the serving. The foods also quite value to money. And lastly I know what’s happening upstairs as the owner told me when I asking for take away - someone is going to purpose and they already booked the place one month before...No matter what, #thegirlsaidIDOatlast.  繼續閱讀
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等級3 2016-01-13
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It is the third hipster cafe located in PFCC, Puchong, and it looks pretty classy from the outside. My dad and I went to have dinner, and we had really good time. In fact, there service and quality of food improves a lot as we heard a lot of compliments through words of mouth, and my sister specially mentioned that their Carbonara is really good.The service over here were kind, friendly and sincere. I can still remember the owner's big smile, though I can't recall her face clearly. They were really helpful in suggesting the menu items as well. We ordered the Signature Dino Eggs, it's actually a resemblance of Scotch Eggs, with ground meats encapsulating a soft-boiled egg. These eggs are bombs man, well I love sushi king's golden eggs a lot, this is like the upgraded version with the addition of meat.Thumbs up for it! Besides that, we ordered the man tou with pork belly, that's really something rare to be found in cafes! My "very-cina" dad were so happy to see this, and ordered it without hesitation. Guess what, my dad liked it so much, and he said that it's quite interesting to find some hipster cafe selling good pork belly or char siew.Upon finishing those food, it feels like we are missing out of something. So we ordered bacon carbonara pasta, and it was so good. The egg was perfect, soft and wobbly like the Japanese Onsen Egg! As you toss the pasta, the the eggs coats every strand of the pasta, giving you a creamy sensation when you eat it. Yums! I personally love they "sticky" feeling the food leaves on your lips, contributed by the egg yolk. 👍😁 The bacon pieces were fried till slight crispy yet chewy, goes really well with the pasta.All in all, it is definitely a place that worth coming back. The price was quite reasonable yet the foods are marvelous, and you even get to indulge in such serene environment!  繼續閱讀
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