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Dancing Fish Massaman Curry Chicken Steamed Siakap Fish with Lime and Chilli Tom Yam Chicken Soup
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Me and my sister wanted to have something delicious, filling and it must be located nearby our house so that we can come back home early to prepare for our exam. Therefore, we decided to have dinner at Cafe 9 that is located at Section 17 (Just 5 minute’s drive from my house and their foods are delicious based on some reviews). They serve variety of Thai Cuisine and set dinner. We were welcomed by the staff at the entrance and seated us on the 4 pax table (Requested by me for good lighting). We were served with a cup of Lemongrass drink once seated. Yummy!!!! A couple of people occupied the restaurant when we arrived around 6.30pm but it was filing up after that.The ambiance of the restaurant was good and comfortable. We ordered Rice With Pad Kra Pao Chicken, Thai Soup Rice (Spicy Tom Yum Broth), Omelette, Bowl Of Tom Yum Soup and Red Ruby Water Chestnuts. My first impression after I tried their soup is "The food must be super duper food". They really gave a excellent first impressions. Tom Yum Soup was delicious. It's no better way to warm up then the soup. Bowl Of Tom Yum Soup @ RM 2Thai Soup Rice (Spicy Tom Yum Broth) with rice, meatball and egg. A comforting dish for me. Even it looks like a clear broth, it has a punch of heat that goes well together and not too spicy. Portion was big for me and I have to take way for my lunch next day. Good for less spicy lovers and I have to ask for more spicy during my next visit. Thai Soup Rice (Spicy Tom Yum Broth) @ RM 12 Rice with Pad Kra Pao Chicken was delicious and big portion. It was spicy and has a good hint of Basil taste.Rice with Pad Kra Pao @ RM 12Omelette goes perfect with the Hot Basil rice. Omelette @ RM 2Red Ruby Water Chestnuts is a perfectdessert to end our meal. Red Ruby Water Chestnuts @ RM 6.90It was good dinner for us. Delicious food, big portion and fantastic service. I rally admired that. Thumb up guys!! Sure drop by again to try your Tom Yum soup with my sister and Boyfriend. Service Charge: 10% GST: NilCafe 9 27, Jalan 17/45 46400 Petaling Jaya 繼續閱讀
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Cafe 9 is a Thai restaurant, that establish itself in Jalan University, Petaling Jaya, since May 2014. It's a family restaurant that hired local Thai chef for the cooking. Here, you got to savour the authentic thai food without need to purposely go Thailand. You may have heard about Cafe 9, if you were active in PJ area, if you haven't then you should checked this out. A restaurant serving delectable Thai cuisine. Found this right after the entrance, they do serve this beverage in Cafe 9. I am absolutely love their welcome soup. It's a sour in an appetizing way, serve hot, soup but in a cup. I actually request for 2nd cup cause I like this kind of taste. By the way, it is subject on the invidual, I felt like I am the only one who is cray cray about the welcome soup. This soup also has a taste of Thai Fish Sauce inside. I personally don't like the taste of fish sauce, but this is good. Boy friend ordered Latte, and it comes with cute Latte Art! Using Thai Coffee Beans Guava Asam BoiMiang Kam (Betel Leaf Appetiser) - RM15.90Perhaps this is my first time trying some thai leaf appetiser, I didn't expect much on the appetiser. When I saw the presentation, I thought that the salad is not as crunchy as expected. But this appetiser was surprising delicious! Sauteed dry shrimp, roasted peanut, coconut flake are all fried before serving. Using the Betel Leaf put all the rest of the element, chili padi, lime,ginger, onion and homemade special sauce, wrapping it all, and put into your mouth, munch it and you find assortment of various texture inside! The raw onion is not that spicy as I expected. The homemade special sauce(serving hot) (the lady boss told us different chef would make a different Miang Kam sauce)totally enhance the wrapping. 1. Coriander Lala Rm 16I couldn't stop eating this , cause it's a choice of less spicy, and feel like more healthy in someway, haha. Thai Hot Basil Fish Rm 40 (4 pax). Rm 49 (6-8 pax)I not sure if Basil has a lot of bones to pick up or not, but this dishes is certainly a delight to see. Simply take the fish pieces, take some of the vege that come along if you like it. It's so delicious! Thai Omelette Rm 10.90Looking ordinary, but I enjoy each of the dishes including this plain looking omelette. Initially, I thought the chef has putting some milk into the omelette, but no milk is putting. The way the chef fry using big wok and toss it while frying made this omelette extra fluffy. VERDICTOverall, all the dishes serving to us on the day are so delicious. We can really see how the chef is customise each of the dishes that give me surprise, like the crunchiness in the salad, and how much effort they use to prepare the Basil fish. I feel like the description that I put after each food photo is really an understatement. You should really give this restaurant a try, and ask for more spicy if you like it. There is some extra delicious in each of the dishes. Even the plain-looking omelette is so fluffy that it surprise me. You can scroll to the bottom of this post, to see one of the offer that is Rm 40 for 2 person which is quite attractive for me. Come have a try on their food with this damn worthy combo. EnvironmentOpen daily, except Tuesday. This restaurant also accustom to customer. You can bring fish from outside, to let the chef cook. It's a pork free restaurant, if you were muslim who is not too particular, this is where you can try on authentic Thai Food. Fret not, even the Thai Fish sauce they used is certified halal. Whereas for those who drink wine, you can bring your wine here, cause there already have the wine to cater your wine drinking session. Wifi , equipped, come here for a taste of Thai , for family, corporate catering or just couple to have lunch, dinner. This has nothing much to do with us, the people who come here to eat, It's actually the place where the waitress prepare beverages. Photo taken by boy friend, Cafe 9 is so easy to find, and it's located at the corner of shoplot.Found out this before I left. It's only Rm 35-45 for 2 person, which is damn worthy, esp after I tried their fish cake, and Tom yum,I know the price is damn worthy~~ Cafe 9 Facebook PageWifi: AvailableAddress: 27, Jalan 17/45, Seksyen 17,Petaling Jaya, 46400 Selangor. Contact no: 03-79322899Business Hours: 11.00am – 4.00pm6.00pm – 10.00 pm(Open daily, except Tuesday) 繼續閱讀
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今天非常感谢Food Ink 的Stella的邀请 和Cafe 9 的招待, KC 又来蹭吃啦! 这次来吃的是泰国美食哦!!Cafe 9 是于2014年开始营业的, 厨师是从泰国曼谷来的正宗泰国厨师, 泰国食品的辣度比马来西亚的高,所以原先餐厅卖的泰国餐较难被本地人接受, 店家听取了顾客的意见, 现在每道食物都可以根据顾客的要求来调整辣度, 还有创造了一些较迎合本地人口味的食品, 当然, 如果你是很能吃辣的话, 不妨来挑战下这里的泰国辣度水准的美食。Welcome Soup 这是店家提供给每位客人的汤品, 用料有各种辛香料如柠檬草, 洋葱, 姜等, 没有任何的肉类或海鲜, 吃素的朋友也可以喝, 味道酸酸咸咸, 还没开始吃主菜就来喝一喝这个来开胃。Miang Kam- RM15.9这个是泰国餐桌上很常见的开胃菜, 一个个小碟上有炒香的花生, 椰肉碎, 虾米, 还有切碎的小辣椒, 酸柠, 姜, 洋葱等, 配上独门的酱料, 吃法是取一片新鲜的槟榔叶, 在撒上你爱吃的材料和酱汁, 包一包, 一起放入口中。那个味道还奇妙的, 看似无关联的食材一起嚼就马上感觉到印象中泰国食物的味道在口中传开。。。特别哦!TomYum Chicken (Clear Soup) – RM18.90这个汤颜色非常清澈, 今天我们喝当然是鸡肉版本的, 味道较酸, 辣味较轻, 给不喜欢和那么辣东炎汤朋友最适合。TomYum Seafood (Red Soup) – RM25.90 (R), RM45.90 (L)这个从颜色就可以看得出较辣, 除了这个之外, 厨师还加了椰奶, 汤喝起来带淡淡的奶香, 跟清澈版本的相比, 这个没那么酸。Laab Gai Salad- RM14这个组合了鸡肉碎和各种生菜如包菜, 长豆, 黄瓜等的泰国沙拉也蛮特别的, 鸡肉碎用了酸酸甜甜的酱料来调味,跟菜一起吃整个很清新。Laab Gai Tod (Fried Chicken Salad)- RM16炸鸡和酸甜酱调制而成的沙拉味道较刚才的沙拉较为重, 完全是可以把它当主菜来吃。PrawnCakes (5pcs) – RM18.90Prawn Cake完全是用鲜虾泥炮制的炸虾饼口感松软, 外头加了一些面包粉来添加口感, 吃之前沾下特调的酸梅酱来平衡下油腻, 让你吃了一个接一个。FishCakes (5pcs) – RM17.90用了有厚实鱼肉的马鲛鱼打成的鱼胶加上红咖喱酱料, 完全没有感觉到腥味, 口感较为扎实, 和旁边的泰国甜辣酱很相配。Thai Omelette泰国做法的煎蛋较本地的煎蛋较为蓬松, 软绵绵的应该很受小孩欢迎吧。StirFry Clams (Lala) – Thai Curry Style – RM16.00 CorianderLala – RM16.00一个辣一个不辣的炒啦啦任君选择, 就看你接受不接受得辣味。ThaiHot Basil Fish – RM40.00 (4pax). RM49 (6-8 pax)拆了肉的鱼, 经过油炸变得非常酥脆, 有名为金不换的罗勒叶, 又有朋友称它为九层塔, 带来阵阵的独特香气, 光闻就食指大动哟!!有兴趣想来Cafe 9尝试下泰国料理的朋友不妨打个电话来订位子, 来之前先想好你可以接受的辣度, 说实话爱吃辣的我还蛮好奇下泰国人吃的辣度到底有多辣呢? 有机会一定再来试试看! 繼續閱讀
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Sawadikaap, welcome to Cafe 9. Bring to you the real taste of Thai food that will satisfy your appetite. Psst, the chef is from Thailand so you can enjoy the real Thailand food in Malaysia and of course only at Cafe 9. this cafe 9 is run by a family business. It feel like a home to me when I enter the restaurant. A clean restaurant and the service is good.The owner serve us with welcome drink and new taste for me. The soup is make from a combination of ingredient of lemon grass with onion and vegetarian fish sauce .Welcome DrinkLatteMy favourite Guava Asamboi.Miang Kam (Betel Leaf Appetiser) - RM15.90Miang Kam is new to me and I found this appetizer is special. You have to add on the Miang Kam sauce ( taste a bit sweet and sticky texture) on the betel leaf and then add you favourite dry side dish example : dry shrimp, garlic, 'cili padi' , peanut and etc. Miang Kam will be serve before main course.Laab Gai Salad - RM14Sourish and spicy taste of Laab Gai Salad really is a good combination of flavour to open up our taste buds right before the main dishes. You can eat together with raw vegetable. Laab Gai Tod ( Fried Chicken Salad) - RM16I found Laab Gai Tod special to me as the chef will fried the chicken cube and then mix with chef special sauce like how they prepare Laab Gai Salad.Prawn Cakes - RM18.90Crispy from the outside and soft texture of the prawn paste from inside really make me lick my finger after eating this prawn cakes. Dip the prawn cakes with sour sauce is the perfect match to eat.Fish Cakes - RM17.90Cafe 9's owner mention the fish cake is make by fresh " Tengeri fish" with curry paste. No wonder the fish texture so chewy and fresh. The fish cakes eat together with sweet Thai chili sauce. Love it so much.Tom Yum (Clear Soup) - RM18.90 & Tom Yum Seafood (Red Soup) - RM25.90 (R) RM45.90 (L)Which one is your favourite Tom Yum? Tom Yum (Clear soup) taste a bit sourish and not too oily really open my appetite. While Tom Yum Seafood (Red Soup) cook by adding some chili flake, chili oil and chili padi. Chef also add in some coconut milk and the soup is creamy. Yummy .. yummy. Chef can cater the Tom Yum according to customer preference as not everyone can take too spicy food. Thai Curry Lala - RM16 & Corriander Lala - RM16Thai Curry Lala is cook with curry powder and egg. Not too spicy and it suit our Malaysia taste. While Corriander Lala is a clear cooking style as some customer love non spicy food.Thai Omelette (RM10.90)Thai omelette is not a normal omelette that we use to eat as chef cook it with big wok until fluffy and side of the omelette is crispy. The egg has been mixed with some minced meat. Tasty and delicious omelette.Thai Hot Basil Fish - RM40 (4 pax) RM49 (6-8 pax)This is my favourite as the chef has carefully remove the fish from the bone and then deep fried the fish. Once the fish turn gold colour, it been cook with chef special sauce and some vegetable. One bit of the fish, it so crispy and you can taste the freshness of the fish. The main flavour for this fish is basil. Business Hour Mon- Sun (except Tuesday) : 11 AM to 4 PM 6 PM to 10 PMLocation: Cafe 9, 27 Jalan 17/45, Petaling Jaya, 46400 selangorContact: 03 7932 2899Follow Cafe 9 at Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Cafe9thai for more tasty Thai food. 繼續閱讀
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CAFE 9 is a Thai Cuisine and local cuisine , I always have a hard spot for Thai food. Ironically , I'm really into spicy food , My heart melted when I got an invite through Food-inker to visit CAFE 9 .The meet up was set at 3pm , The shop was located along Jalan 17/45 , even thou I was around this area for few year , I din't even realize there a row shop here and the hidden gem of this CAFE 9 nice thai cuisine that appear , shame of me...heheCafé 9 is one of the latest dining in this rows of local and thai dining scene . Café 9’s interior decor was simple with thai wall paint and thai elephant statue . The space is bright . The shop started for business almost 10 month refering from the owner of CAFE 9 " MR Jon " .Huge variety of drink and much more on the menu to order.. This cute elephant welcoming customers to Café 9 at the entrance.Gaeng Keow Waan , creamy green curry ChickenTom Yam Goong , Super SpicyTod Mun Goong , with 5 pieces in a plateMassaman Curry Chicken is a muslim style curry Thai Style Fried Chicken WingsBlack Pepper Thai Style Beef Stir FryStir Fry Squid Sam Rod Served with Thau Sweet and Spicy Sauce Stylecoconut milk curry seafood (Otak - Otak)Stir Fry mixed VegetablesFried Kangkung Pla Naung Monow , one of the signature dish in Café 9. The siakap been steamed with chili padi and lime with it. Dancing Fish is Cafe 9′s signature dishNew Zealand Oxtail SoupThe name of Café 9 doesn’t sounds like a Thai shop , it's sound more like cafe but many restaurants with numbers as their shop name in thailand such as Number 6 or Number 9 . this numbers sound like "LUCK" for thai people .Cafe 9 is a Thai cafe established by 9 family members. 9 in Chinese perspective means ‘Forever’. The boss of Cafe 9 hopes to continuously serve their customer the best forever, as customer satisfaction is always the first priority of this cafe. Moreover, numbers is always more easy to remember than other words, the boss of Cafe 9 hope to give customer to easily remember them when they think of consuming Thai cuisine .At Cafe 9, you can experience the same taste that you had in Thailand.The food might be more spicy compare to other Thai restaurants, but it is guarantee that this is the real taste from Thailand.Cafe 9 will ensure the quality of every dish before they serve the food to its customer. In addition, the portions are relatively big. In short, Cafe 9 not only provides you with quality food, but also quantity .http://eddyrushfatboy.blogspot.my/2015/05/cafe-9.htmlAddress:No 27, Jalan 17/4546400 Petaling Jaya, MalaysiaToday 10:00am – 10:00pmPhone: 03-7932 2899 繼續閱讀
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