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等級4 2016-02-11
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For another girl's night only dinner with my best friend, we found ourselves trying out this new joint in town. It was rather difficult to find but the ambience is quite nice once we were inside. Although the outside looks rather dodgy, do not be fooled by that as Black Market has a rather classy interior. To share we ordered the rather popular oven baked pork ribs that was coated in a super thick black pepper sauce. I liked this because it was different than the usual sweet and smokey barbeque sauce which I never really liked. Plus the meat was incredibly tender that it near fell off the bone and yet had a nice crust on the outside. Though the side salad was disappointing.Another main we ordered to share was the prawn baked over rice with cream sauce and cheese. I had picked this because the picture was hella alluring so I got it however it was a little disappointing when it arrived. The prawns were nowhere as big as I expected and definitely not worth the steep price tag it came with. Even if the cream sauce was super decadant and yummy baked over the rice. Personally I feel like the food here is a hit or miss. However if you're looking for a nice night out and want to splurge a little, then definitely give Black Market a try. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2015-12-30
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去Caffeinees进餐时发现隔壁多了一间Black Market 听起来像是非法买卖的地方(哈哈哈)冲着这个特别的名字决定在一个周末去吃个BrunchCaffeinees的外观像个英式大别墅而Black Market的外观则像是一个高级仓库这样的简约而里头却是满满的惊喜一进门可以看到放了一整个架子的酒瓶酒瓶上也挂了立可拍的照片很特别从餐厅里往后望可以看到高尔夫球场一片绿意怏然很舒服室内装潢以和暗色和褐色为基色黑色的墙壁和真皮沙发感觉悠闲而透露着时髦餐厅的中间有一棵大树和用炭堆成的泥土有点回归大自然的环保感我喜欢餐厅的气氛爵士音乐在背景里轻轻地播着这样悠悠的感觉时间不知不觉过得好快另外很加分的是服务员的态度很友善我满意到后来一直后悔付账时没多给小费(好像有点38哈哈)Spanish ‘B'lunch Set(RM28)非常喜欢这个摆盘一看整个Brunch的感觉就出来了幸福啊味道方面其实一般般没有过于特别Spanish Vegetable Soup (RM 10)特美味的一个汤番茄、洋葱和蔬菜颗粒让整个蔬菜汤香味和口感兼具Spanish Omelet (前)鸡蛋加上马铃薯然后以植物油煎Salad (后)生菜、番茄、洋葱、橄榄、醋、黄瓜Tapas or Pinchos的选择Jamon with Tomato Toast 火腿番茄吐司Smoked Salmon with Tomato on Toast 烟熏三文鱼番茄多士Bacon Wrapped Cocktail Sausage 培根裹小香肠另一个选择是Grilled Prawn with Paprika and Tomato因为懒得剥虾壳所以没选Black Braised Duck (RM28)红烧鸭之外也有卤蛋、豆腐、猪皮汤、白饭和小沙拉鸭肉非常入味而且鸭肉多汁汤很够味而且暖肚豆腐和卤蛋是一大加分特别是把卤蛋切开时的那一刻看着蛋黄煮得刚好的感觉太棒了哦如果你还没注意到这里用的杯具是银制的所以吸血鬼就不能在这里进餐了(笑话太冷了吧~~)甜点时间吧‘B’ramisu (RM20)放入了Illy咖啡酒的Tiramisu让整个胃都是暖烘烘的(酒精应该下了蛮多)这个‘B’ramisu 让我完完全全爱上了Tiramisu而且对Tiramisu的要求又提高到另一个境界了浓郁的Tiramisu加上坚果的香脆口感每一口都幸福得把罪恶感都丢掉了食物方面我觉得还OK不过胜在气氛好而且食物的价钱也很合理想要一个悠闲安静的环境的话这里是不错的选择 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2015-10-11
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offer set is very valueble complimentary soup and drinks. we order the scallop seafood olio + mushroom soup + coffee. the seafood pasta is very yummy with scallop prawn squid fish sauce is not too creamy. soup served very warmand creamy,grill pork shoulder + fish meow soup + bottled water .grill pork shoulder is very special with the specialty black sauce . overalls for  all this is yummy.nice environment . 繼續閱讀
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Leisurely saturday, I decide to have a Solo Dinner at this Mystery Restaurant-Black Market.Can you imaging i walk in to this restaurant alone with this mystery concept?! Hah..is like explore for my dinner.  Have a look of their front door.....Oh gosh! Man in black in the restaurant! hah! Their staff are so cool! They are like hiding somewhere all the time. (joking ).  I will give them 9/10, they're friendly, and nice service.I have place my order after I read their whole menu.  It taking sometime to let me read up their whole menu, because is it interest! Here is my dinner,  Solo but i eat like macam buffet! haha.  p.s: im the coffee lover, so in love with their coffee bean!Fly pig to the moon.  Is very delicious! and I feel like wana have another plate for this! The Real Paddington Linguine with Jamon.  I though is a creamy pasta, but it not too creamy and is mixed with jamon flakes taste very lovely.   is the last dish for my dinner and I getting full already.  But, I still wan to taste their signature Black Market Big 'S' Pork Ribs!  Know what the 'S' stand for? Is 'Super'! Is it super huge for solo person to have it! Any the pork ribs feeling juicy and their sauce is so special is just perfect to pair with the pork ribs!Done! Finally! But at the end I take away another half for the Pork ribs cox i really full enaf! hah!! Have a very wonderful dinner at this Mystery restaurant-Black Market!Will plan to have a next visit with my bestie on day! Sharing is caring!Thank you for the nice food and service! Oops, seens like they are have a big deal in this month for the crab lover is the time to get your crab in black market! Alaska King Crab promotion! I gonna try is!!p.s : because I was dine in alone and i willing to spend on the good food so the price is resoanble for me. Cafe Latte : RM10+Fly pig to the moon : RM28+The Real Paddington Linguine with Jamon : RM28+Black Market Big 'S' Pork Ribs : RM46+ 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-09-07
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The hidden behind the road restaurant is famous for their grilled pork ribs. The rack of pork ribs serve together with their home made sauce, if you would like to have another plate of sauce, it is chargeable. And yes, the sauce is nice, mostly you will need it to eat together with the ribs, as the ribs is a bit dry after grilled, but the meat taste is not bad, not too salty. The portion served consider small for the price you pay. 繼續閱讀
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