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Fusion Haven Cafe & Restaurant (無國界) is located in Bandar Baru Sri Petaling at the same row with Sri Petaling Police Station. For those who are not familiar with that area like myself might not know about this undiscovered gem of fusion cuisine. Not long ago, they has just introduced their new Fusion Haven menu. It is complete with mouthwatering selections of Italian, Japanese, Korean, Jamaican, American, & German cuisines.Salusciccia Grilled Portobello Mushroom (19.90)This is the Italian style grilled fresh Portobello mushroom stuffed with homemade pork meat and breadcrumbs. I was a little late that day cause I've been lost on my way there and the Map app on my iPad was inaccurate so I missed the full presentation shot of this dish. There was about 3 large pieces of the grilled fresh Portobello mushroom and I must say that this is a good appetizer for those who likes Portobello mushroom. The combination of pork meat and breadcrumbs stuffed in the mushroom goes very well together with a little moist to it.American Fusion Style BBQ Pork Spare Ribs (RM39.90)Next, we had the American Fusion Style BBQ Pork Spare Ribs. This grilled pork spare ribs comes with fruits BBQ sauce with fries. I enjoy dipping the fries into the special sauce, both were equally good but the pork spare ribs were overly cooked that the meat actually broke too easily before putting it into my mouth.Korean Style Kimchi Sausage Omelette Rice (RM8.90)This is one of my favorite main dish, theKorean Style Kimchi Sausage Omelette Rice. It's a bowl of rice and teriyaki sauce topped with egg and pork sausages, kimchi, leeks, seaweed, sesame and ebiko. If you are feeling down or not knowing what to eat, I would suggest this dish to cheer you up with its very delightful taste in it. It's not too heavy yet enjoyable although some might preferred to have Chinese sausage in this dish instead.Hawaiian Turkey Ham & Banana (RM26.90)Hawaiian pizza with pineapple and chicken is too mainstream. You should try this Hawaiian style turkey ham and banana pizza, topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheese, dressed with special marinara sauce and the best thing is the charcoal crust! I would order this again even just for tea break!Smoked Duck Pomodoro Alfredo (RM23.90)This pasta consist of pieces of tender smoked duck meat, cream spaghetti with mushrooms, tomato puree, wine and parmesan cheese. The sauce is a mixture of tomato puree and cream are more watery and has a mild taste in it unlike those normal alfredo which is more thick and creamy.Overall, Fusion Haven is one of the better fusion cuisine restaurant that I've ever been to. Prices are not so economical but reasonable. The only thing that troubles me is the location, Sri Petaling which is quite far from where I stay unless I am around that area then probably I will drop by for their Korean Style Kimchi Sausage Omelette Rice and Hawaiian Turkey Ham & Banana. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-09-02
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Name : Fusion Mango Salad.Environment : The environment is suitable for business and gathering lunch or dinner. It is very comfortable for dining in.Service : Good and high quality service.Pricing : The price is a bit high but affordable.Recommendations : Fusion Mango Salad is very suitable for those who want to have light dishes. I was very attracted with the plate design and the arrangement of the food for Fusion Mango Salad. On the other hand, the taste is good and worth a try. 繼續閱讀
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Hidden within the scuffy enclave of Sri Petaling, the Fusion Haven brings home closer than you can ever imagined with their friendly staffs and owner and a range of far-reaching fusion dishes. The Fusion Haven fuses all possible combination of flavours hence creating fusion of culinary at a different dimension-a blissful haven. Something like no other and probably the best fusion experience one can indulge.Kick starting the fusion feast with an amazing Fusion Mango Salad (RM 13.90) served inside crackling crunch of a crispy basket and if that doesn’t trigger the saliva gland, I don’t know what does. Bedded beautifully in the basket with some fresh lettuce, apple tartar, tangy sweet and fragrant mango, topped with raisins and pumpkin seeds for a better texture, the mix of these were almost divine especially when all ingredients used are fresh.They hit that big score when the Salusciccia Grilled Portobello Mushroom was served. This Italian style grilled fresh Portobello mushroom stuffed with homemade pork meat and breadcrumbs might have appeared slightly exclusive with RM 19.90, but the plump sized mushroom with incredibly rich and moist stuffing is absolutely breath taking. And just as I am succumbing to the appetizers, fusion gets to paramount approach when the California Unagi Rice Noodle Roll was served. The mix of all possible texture and flavour renders the most interesting combination. This tempura style fried rice noodle rolled with unagi, dressed with teriyaki sauce and topped with ebiko and colourfully garnished with lettuce and edamame is selling at RM 18.90. The aroma of seaweed and unagi plus the texture of crispy tempura and the spongy chew or rice noodle sheet rolled within is a clever fuse but if with addition of a solid texture in it would be genius.After the chinese-Japanese fuse, there is the delightful Korean Style Kimchi Sausage Omelets rice. There is rice and teriyaki sauce topped with egg and pork sausages, kimchi, leeks, seaweed, ebiko and a sprinkle of sesame for RM 8.90 each. Mixed them all and the flavours would take you to a different dimension. Should the ingredients be at the top freshness always would this be an ambrosial experience.The Carbonara is this Italian inspired creamy spaghetti with bacon, eggs and parmesan cheese which was adjusted to very much suit the local patrons but least to my liking when it comes soft texture of the pasta. While that also applies to the Smoked Duck Pomodoro Alfredo the tender smoked duck meat did infused the creamy pasta sauce to make this irresistible. The creamy pasta with mushrooms, tomato puree, and wine and parmesan cheese serves at moderate portion and hardly relenting. The pastas sell at RM 16.90 and RM 23.90 respectively.The American Fusion Style BBQ Pork Spare Ribs sells at RM 39.90 and serves as a grilled pork ribs with fries and salad and this lovely fruity BBQ sauce. The sauce is almost immense with linger of flavours that roams in your mouth. The pork however was a disappointment. The minimum bar to good food is fresh ingredient but the meat was flaky and distinguishable over thawing smell from meat definitely perplexed the very finickle eater.The menu is very extensive and there is obviously something for the communal eating. I was impressed with the use of banana instead of pineapple in a Hawaiian pizza but it was a bold choice of fusion that remarkably bedazzled me. The sweet of banana and savoury of everything else with those effort strips of lettuce as garnish is obviously venerable. Comes in this Hawaiian style turkey ham and banana pizza, topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheese, dressed with special marinara sauce on top of the awesome charcoal crust and sells at RM 26.90.The dessert range is something to be bragged as well. Melt your heart with the Warm Hearted Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream where you get a bursting flow of hot lava chocolate from inside a otherwise ordinary chocolate cake and feel the combustion when hot meets the cold vanilla ice cream. Weirdy garnished with pumpkin seeds, this dessert sells at RM 7.90 each. Now doesn’t the plate remind you of home?Fusion never gets any better than this. Highly recommended is the Unagi California Roll. Love, Sycookies 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-05-12
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我吃过韩国餐厅的泡面,里面有烧鸡肉的。还是第一次尝试。这碗泡面很普通,就像是常在韩国餐厅吃到的一样,汤水酸辣,里面有很多菇类,番茄和青菜之类的,但是那只烧鸡却因太长时间被泡在汤水里,所以吃起来觉得软软的,很奇怪。不过拉面还是很够味道,很不错吃的。 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-05-03
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The waiter recommended us to try the smoked duck breast with onigiri rice. I was intrigued, hence decided to try it out. The duck breast slices were served on a bed of lettuce, garnished with some brown sauce and sesame seed. Some vegetables and mushrooms were also in the set. A ball of onigiri rice drenched in some unidentifiable orange sauce together with a piece of deep-fried leaf completes the presentation. The duck breast was quite nice, juicy and tender, and the brown sauce drizzled on top complemented it very well. Overall, a thumbs-up! 繼續閱讀
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