These Macarons Are All You Need!
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Macaron over the years had gone through so many modifications and it comes in various shapes and flavors too. How long have you not tasted a piece of macaron and do you still remember how it tastes like? Now let us take you to search for the fanciest and trendiest macarons around the Klang Valley; because they are now even available in ice cream form too! How cool is that! (The cafes are listed in no particular order. Some of the establishments below are not halal)

2. The Cream & Fudge Factory @ NuSentral, KL Sentral

The Cream & Fudge Factory, NuSentral, KL Sentral, Ice Cream, Macaron Ice Cream, Macaron, KL
Prolly you can name them the ice cream sandwich; yes they are one of those but instead of a bread, they uses the macaron shell to enhance the flavors into another level. Serves super smooth and creamy ice cream, this idea to sandwich macaron + ice cream is totally the best idea from them! Smooth and crisp texture from the macaron shell, it is so jammed packed with ice cream in the middle. Upon first bite, you’ll instantly wish for another piece. Think we’re kidding? Try them at Nu Sentral in KL now!

3. Milkcow @ Pavilion & Various Shopping Malls

Milkcow, Soft serve, Ice Cream, Macaron Ice Cream, Macaron, KL
Originated from Korea, they are one of the soft serve ice cream stall that gives you a super milky yet good ice cream this century! Although it may sounds unrelated, but you’ve got them wrong. They do serve macarons in different flavors and you can even eat them with their milky soft serve too! Flavors like salted caramel, Nutella, Salted popcorn and more will sure to drive you crazy! While they recently launched a new series of soft serve ice creams, its 100% a legit reason for dessert today!

4. Whisk @ Empire Subang

Whisk, Cafe, Empire Subang, Coffee, Cakes, Macaron, Subang
Yup, it’s Whisk! Not here for their coffee this round, let’s scout for macarons here. A cozy and warm café in Subang Jaya, they are quite known for their cold-brews and velvet cakes. Heading straight in, pick the macarons depending on the flavors they have for the day, we have chosen red velvet, pandan kaya and coffee flavored macarons. Their macarons did impress us because they are smooth, soft and baked till perfection. Would we return for more? Of course! Get yourself a bunch of them because one is really not enough!

5. Pierre Ledent @ Jason’s Food Hall, Bangsar Shopping Center

Pierre Ledent, Jason’s Food Hall, Bangsar Shopping Center, Macaron, Chocolates, Imported, KL
Air flown from Belgium, they are one of the priciest macarons to date in Klang Valley and they are worth the price. Exquisite flavor and texture, it is finely handmade too. Flavors available depend on what they have imported in. Looking at these perfect looking macarons, they have it with alcohol in it too. If you’re a fan of Salted Caramel and Strawberries, this two piece is surely a must try. Salted caramel is just so good with some sesame taste and it just melts in your mouth with the soft filling in it! Besides, they are known to have the best chocolates too!

6. Shakespeare Boulangerie & Pâtisserie @ Subang SS15

Shakespeare Boulangerie & Pâtisserie, Subang SS15, Pastries, Cafe, Macaron, Coffee, Cakes, Subang
Located at the busiest place in Subang area, they are one of the pastry and café that serves delectable food! Upon entering, their café is filled with those fantastic pastries aroma and coffees too! Well, pastries aside, macarons too a huge favorite over here. Having it on the counter, they have quite some flavors to choose from. Tried on their Macchiato (Coffee) and Fruit De La Passion & Mango (Passion fruit & Mango with White chocolate), their macarons are quite good in taste too! Coffee flavor are slightly mild, but the ganache saved the taste! Besides macarons, they have cakes and more to discover there too!

7. TWG Tea @ Pavilion KL & Various Shopping Mall

TWG Tea, Afternoon tea, Hi-Tea, TWG, Pavilion, Macaron, Tea, KL
Apart from their famous Afternoon tea sets and good teas, TWG in KL do serve delectable macarons that is Tea-inspired and recommended to try them out! Known for the best Afternoon tea set, they are indeed the best choice here. Macarons are all tea-infused, thus they are unique and good! An extensive menu for teas, they have more than you know. Besides, they have other sweet delights like cakes and even main course if you feel to dine there! For an ‘atas’ feeling, this is just the place to be!

8. Oh Scooter Café @ Subang USJ

Oh Scooter Café, USJ Subang, Macaron, Cotton candy coffee, Subang
Uses scooter as a theme for this café in Subang Jaya, they are uniquely awesome! Their specialty macaroon – a scooter shaped design that comes in various tastes are something to order! Available in 5 different tastes of earl grey, mango, chocolate banana, salted caramel apple and rose. Nice crunch upon first bite and it is just a good piece for some nice photo shooting too! Remember to order their Signature coffee – Cotton candy coffee too for some pure enjoyment!

9. Les Deux Garcons Patisserie @ Bangsar

Les Deux Garcons Patisserie, Bangsar, Macaron, Cakes, KL
Just located at Jalan Telawi in KL, you would have seen this one before. Specialize in all kinds of sweet delights, their macarons are good too. Filled with the right amount of ganache fillings in the middle, it makes it so good from the crispy outer layer to the filling which is just right! Quite some flavors to choose from, it makes you feel like to get them all! Uses premium ingredients imported from France and Italy; be sure to be there earlier before everything’s sold out!

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