Shah Alam Must Try Modern Cafe Picks!
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Searching high and low for good food and repeating the same thing might bore you up easily. Always wanted to go further but worry that you might find nothing out from that area? There is so many café’s sprouting here and you just couldn’t miss them out! Let’s try these café out for a new change! (The restaurants are listed in no particular order.)

1. The Sumbs

Founded by Celebrity Masterchef Dato’ Fazley Yaakob, here comes The Sumbs. Wide selection of food and dessert choices, you’ve got to come here to enjoy gourmet food that gets nods from their patrons. Not forgetting their dessert and sweet delights like Sumbs Churros Sundae, Tiramisu and more to get from their café. Try them now!

2. Cake Jalan Tiung

From banker to baker, all you need is just to take the letter ‘N’ out from the word banker (Pun intended!). Bakes the best cakes you can get here, you will surely exit with smiles on your face and a satisfied tummy. Freshly baked cakes hours before they opened, every cakes on the stand looks delish and appetizing! More than 15 choices of cakes you can expect to get there, it includes Salted Caramel & Chocolate, Triple Chocolate, Brownies and more, plan your visit here now!

3. Holy Smoke Café

A hidden gem here that will sure to fool your sight upon arriving at this café. Very ‘western-ish’ looking just like an American-dining place looks like, you can spot jukebox, black and white tiles and some red color details! Western and Asian fusion food serves here, they do have burgers, Lamb, Spaghetti, fried rice, Mee Bandung and more to explore from their menu. Psst, do you know there is a Korean boyband filmed their music video here too? Check them out!

4. Bert’s Café

Bert’s Café, porridge, meringue dessert, Shah Alam
Photo credit to:Bert's Cafe Facebook
Bert’s Café are quite known among the neighborhood here, cosy and nice café that you should visit; interesting menu to look out for, they have this porridge that is called ‘Moi’ which is porridge with sambal ikan bilis, fried onions, coriander and salted egg. Meringue sundae would be one of the best sellers here – made from crushed meringue and vanilla ice cream, topped with fruits, cream and chocolate drizzle, this is surely a perfect dessert meant NOT to be shared!

5. Brew & Bread

A spacious café that serves notable coffee, the café interior looks cosy and inviting too. Serves variety of food choices like sandwiches, pastries, coffee, pastas, breakfasts and tea-time selections too, they do take their coffee and pastries seriously and you will sure to enjoy all of them! They are open as early as 8.00am, come here to get your breakfast and coffee fix!

6. Toran Coffee

Toran Coffee, coffee, Special frappe, Shah Alam
Photo credit to:Toran Coffee Facebook
Let’s take a look here as they serve Western & Asian fusion dishes and their latest special frappe drinks! Usually packed with patrons, let’s see what you should try here. Pizza fries here are one of the most ordered as they are good in portion, covered in cheese and tomato sauce, pepperoni and other ingredients inside. Besides, their special frappe here are really overloaded and topped with loads of toppings! From Mocha Nutella, Strawberry Yogurt, Coco Marble and more, this is a must try!
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