Selayang’s Authentic White Curry Mee from Ipoh with Smooth Chicken & Roasted Pork!

Still remember that big bowl gigantic curry mee that was a hit quite some time ago? Selayang doesn’t live up only to that stall but they actually had another better version that you need to check this out!

Located just somewhere near that gigantic curry mee, come over to Restaurant Kum Ying here and look for this Ipoh White Curry Mee stall. Wait till you check this stall out!

Been operating not more than a year here as we got to know from the lady owner that she actually sells curry mee for more than a decade elsewhere and now decided to operate here at Selayang and you should head over here to enjoy something different!

When we reach around 10 in the morning, almost half of the white curry mee broth was used up! Indeed many patrons were seen in and out here, plus that fragrantly good white curry broth was so good that we don’t mind if our shirts caught the smell too.

Look at that piece of the smooth chicken thigh and perfectly roasted pork, drooling over it already! Directly ordered 2 bowls of their signature white curry mee, we couldn’t wait for it to be served!

Signature Roasted Pork Belly White Curry Mee

First, let’s try the curry broth! A hint of sweetness and fresh tastes totally different as seafood is used to boil the broth for hours. White curry broth tastes perfectly good and didn’t taste curry powder-ish at all! Chew on that lean and fat piece of roasted pork belly, superb!

Signature Smooth Chicken White Curry Mee

Take a look at this smooth and tender piece of chicken meat; perfectly smooth and cooked just right, both bowls of white curry mee comes with tofu ‘pok’, long beans, bean curd skin ‘fu zhuk’ that makes it such a good curry mee pairing!

A must add – homemade chili paste that gives your bowl of white curry the extra ‘oomph’! This chili paste is fried until fragrant and will be added into the white curry broth upon served, helps enhance the taste further.

Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun

By selling Ipoh’s must have delicacies, it doesn’t just stop at White curry mee itself but of course, they do have the Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun. A bowl of authentic Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun not only uses chicken as the main ingredient but uses prawns too. Slight hint of sweetness, smooth kuey teow with fat bean sprouts, a bowl of clear broth that is sweet and fresh is the key to a great appetite.

Ipoh Prawn Wantan Hor Fun

Fat and plump prawn is used in this wanton, if you prefer this instead, go for it!

Lam mee

Another great option if you prefer to enjoy some thicker gravy food, here’s the Lam Mee. The key to a perfect plate of Lam Mee, the must have homemade chili is it.

Where to look for when you’re craving for white curry mee that packs a punch as well? Come over to Restaurant Kum Ying instead! Guarantee you’ll like it!

More information: Restaurant Kam Ying

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