6 Worth Trying Vietnamese Restaurants in KL and PJ!

Looking around for some Vietnamese cuisine? From Pho, Bahn Mi to the famous Vietnamese Coffee, let’s take a look at these 6 restaurants for some foodgasm ahead!

1. Mimi Nguyen Café 

Looking for affordable Vietnamese cuisine? You’ve got them here.  Located at Puchong here, its extensive menu covers from noodles, rice, banh mi, and the bestseller – Vietnamese spring roll. Tastes that reflects the authentic Vietnamese cuisine; they do have crowds visiting them here for the food.

2. Pho Hoa 

Known for the beef noodles, it is soft and tender and soup brings a mild spiciness from the ingredients used. If you’re more adventurous, you can try the one that has everything like tripe, tendon, and flank, brisket pho that is flavorful and refreshing. The portion here is worth the value too.

3. Pho Vietz 

Another place to get your cravings fixed, come here for great authentic Vietnamese food. Bahn mi here was delicious and soft and it isn’t hard as it looks, while vermicelli noodles were seen on most tables, come here for braised pork and beef stew as the gravy is the key to a clean plate after all.

4. Vietnam Phuc Loi 

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Come to Kepong Baru for Vietnamese food as they are run by Vietnamese, food here gained many likes from the neighbors here too. Serves some down to home dishes that you would love to try, like the hot pot soup, lemongrass chicken and has more than 30 kinds of dishes served here. Beef Pho was done right that it was a good selection too.

5. An Viet 

What about some different dishes besides the Pho or rice dishes? Here at An Viet, come and try the rice paper pancake, Xoi Chen Phong (Fried Crispy Glutinous Rice Puff) with green mango salad and grilled lemongrass chicken. Crispy, chewy and sweet, a great snack you need to try.

6. Du Viet Restaurant & Cafe 

Nice decorations inside that resemble an authentic Vietnamese restaurant, many said to come here for the Lemongrass Chicken chop. Tender, juicy and flavorful marinated chicken chop, the Hue-style rice cake was recommended too.

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