13 Cafes & Restaurants to Dine at When You Lepak at Sunway Pyramid!

Ice skating ring, Asian Avenue and retail shops that made you visit Sunway Pyramid frequently? What about the food there? From first end to another, you’ll never have to worry that your stomach will growl in hunger. From light bites to main course, they are still one of the many visited here when asked! You’ll also see crowd flocking them especially weekends, here are some of the choices you can choose from when you visit Sunway Pyramid next!

1. Tuk Tuk Cha

Tuk Tuk Cha here serves you great Thai style street snacks and beverages that you can skip the thought of going to Thailand just for it. From Thai Milk Tea to Thai Milk coffee, they do serve desserts, toast and mango sticky rice too. Besides, do try their coconut or cocoyolk ice cream that packs a punch. Looking special would be their Tomyam toast too! Give it a try.

2. Sho Kushiage

Craving for some deep fried food that is really good and wouldn’t make you feel guilty after indulging it? Especially Japanese style Deep Fried Pork Cutlet! Come here as they specializes in Tonkatsu style, try their Premium pork chop cutlet that is deep fried till perfection, meat is still juicy and flavorful by its own. For more aromatic flavor, grind the sesame and Tonkatsu sauce, mix it and eat with that slice of meat, so good!

3. DaYung's Tea

Walking around and thought to have some juices instead? Then head straight to DaYung’s Tea stall here. Originated from Taiwan, do give their signature Fresh Fruit Tea, Grapefruit Yakult drink, Cherry Tomato smoothie and more you can get from the menu, we just love it to bits as it helps to quench thirst and it gives us the vitamins that we needed too! Besides, we got to know that they do have another upcoming smoothie that is a hit back at Taiwan which is ‘Ruby Crown’, made from fresh dragon fruit and mango, a good beneficial drink that you need to try!

4. GO Noodle House

GO Noodle House, basically you just need to queue no matter which branch you’re visiting! Their noodles are really worth the queue, that’s what many patrons said too. Pick from superior soup or homemade spicy soup (if you’re the adventurous one), pork ball noodles or their famous bursting meat balls noodles are definitely worth the try. Besides, you’ll notice every table will sure to order their Crispy Fu Chuk too. Why wait? Get in the queue too!

5. Tokyo Secret

Cheese tart trend is still there despite so many you can taste from. While you’re here, come over and grab a bite from it especially when they have a few flavors to choose from now. From Matcha, Hazelnut and Original cheese tart, you’ll see patrons flocking over to get their cheese tart without a doubt. Simple and satisfying grab and go, why not?

6. Myeong Dong Topokki

Looking for Korean snacks to munch on? Come up to Asian Avenue and head to Myeong Dong Topokki. Come and try their Signature Myeong Dong Topokki, rice cakes were chewy and not hard, saucy, with Korean style fish cakes and egg too! If Topokki is not enough, do try their fried chicken, tempura squid, mandu or even meals like Jabchae or Bibimbap!

7. Cosans Coffee 

You do have many choice to choose for a cuppa coffee, but we seems to notice that many would prefer to chill here for some stable WiFi connection and good strong brew to keep you wide awake to continue to shop later on! Besides coffee or frappe, the do have some light bites to munch on too.

8. Crispy Crust

Looking for fried food again to curb your cravings but don’t prefer the ones you always had? Then head straight to Crispy Crust because upon reaching their stall, you’ll drool by just looking at their poster there. Crispy battered chicken which is really juicy inside and just nice, you can pick to have it with Spaghetti or Rice too. Simple but satisfaction guaranteed meal that will sure to fuel you up for another shopping spree!

9. Tulip by That Latte Place

Photo Credit: Tulip Facebook

Yes! They serve all day breakfast and mains like pastas here. If you didn’t know about them, they are from the same famous café – That Latte Place and Maps! Serve porkylicious dishes like signature pork-chetta, pork ribs, pork burger and more choices in the menu; this place is spacious and comfy for you to enjoy your favorite food by Tulip!

10. Mr Tuk Tuk

Photo credit: ZapPaLang

Thai food is getting its way into our nation now, which is such a great news. By having so many places you can go for Thai food,  nonetheless at Sunway Pyramid here too you can enjoy great Thai Street Food! Affordable and yet promising, you can get your cravings like Thai Basil Chicken, Som Tam, Glass Noodle Salad, Pineapple Fried Rice, Tomyam and more cravings fixed here easily! Usually crowded with patrons, join in the crowd to taste the food here!

11. Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart

Cheese tarts are so in demand that you too should try theirs. Thick cheesy taste and crust, you can get them as a quick bite to cure your hunger pangs while you’re waiting for your friends or date shopping at Asian Avenue here. Soft and cheesy, best eaten while you get them oven-fresh!

12. Vanilla Cafe Express

Specializes on mille crepe, this café would be good as a pit stop for you to sit down and enjoy on these soft yet melts in your mouth crepes. What caught our attention was their Salted Caramel, which is a favorite pick for the month. Cream was light yet not cloying, crepe is indeed thin and soft. Besides this, they have quite some flavor to choose from Bamboo charcoal, Tiramisu, Mango Peach, Choco peanut butter or even cheesecakes available too!

13. Yoshinoya & Hanamaru 

Known for their Beef Bowl and Udon noodles, you know you shouldn’t miss this out. Usually packed with patrons; their beef bowl here uses imported beef that is cooked with secret recipe made sauce that is flavorful and delicious with fluffy Japanese grains and served with their famous ontama egg. Apart from rice, udon makes it a good choice too. A bowl of basic Kake udon will be surprisingly filling too. Freshly made udon daily, served with udon sauce and Ontama egg. Slurp it up, because they can be real addictive!

Yoshinoya & Hanamaru
Beef Bowl
Vanilla Cafe
Mille Crepe
Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts
Cheese Tart
Mr. Tuk Tuk
Thai food
Tulip by That Latte Place
big breakfast
crispy crust
fried chicken
cosans coffee
myeong dong topokki
korean food
tokyo secret
GO noodle house
bursting meat balls
dayung's tea
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