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Caramel pudding   OK  2013-12-20
Moving to my all time favourite which is the pudding, they have got quite a bit of interesting choices as well. I kind of like the caramel pudding even though I am no big fan of caramel. Wasn’t dulcified to extreme, and I love it just a...

Skimmed milk pudding  OK  2013-12-20
Then there is this interesting item which I thought I must try it, double and skimmed milk custard. Haven’t had those in any other dessert shops. It was indeed new to me, and I kind of like the milky fragrant. The texture is smooth and...

Chicken Spring roll  OK  2013-12-20
This Hong Kong chicken Spring Roll was very interesting. I really like the spring roll because the fillings were juicy despite the crispy fried outer skin. The chili sauce that accompanies only serve to enhance but was great and ev...
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jmlkl8 2014-07-11 12:42
My favourite food - the best Beef Noodles in Restoran ...

gary83 2014-04-22 09:59
Hi Sycookies, Just need to ask you about this restauran...
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