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This is nurathirahj living in Malacca Town. I work in Malacca Town.
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nurathirahj  Level 2
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Practically introvert at first approach, apparently can't stop talking when things getting more comfortable.

Bad ass by day, philosopher by night.

Traveler by profession, writer by heart.
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Obviously, I only go to this kind of cafe when I was invited by my friend love or else I wouldn't bother to go and try (LOL) My high school friend recomemnded us here because she said that she's craving for its mashed potato. I w...

I remembered in May, where I just landed from domestic flight from Penang, it was late dinner hour and me and my spouse were hungry. I was thinking of grabbing some snacks on the way home but my spouse insisted to treat me with sort of fi...

I remembered this one night (clearly), I was so stressed out about uni's project that I requested my old friends to come and distract (or at least keep me busy with other things) me out. One of my friend was in his summer break so...
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Oh my Dior!
Oh my Dior!
Voila, meals for two!
Voila, meals for two!
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