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This is jerry6670 living in Gombak. I work in Petaling Jaya (North).
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saba shioyaki  Smile  2013-09-26
Sushi Zanmai had always been our family favorites. Located in the new wing of the mall, the restaurant is juts as packed as it is and we usually waited around 10 minutes to get our seats there.Serving a good quality of Japanese food...

A pleasant dinner not to be missed here is the Sukiyaki. A Japanese style buffet which i can say is a delighting food during the rainy season. Having them in a cold weather is indeed really keep us warm. The Sukiyaki comes with s...

Restoran Sing Hup Soon  Smile  2013-09-04
The coffeeshop by the Jalan Besar towards the Selayang Big Market is one of our visit for food. We spotted the restaurant that serves a variety of delights like economy rice, chicken rice, curry noodles and more. The coffeeshop ...
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