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Hainanese chicken rice is one of the legacies left behind by Hainanese immigrant...
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OCT 17
粥有什么好吃?如果你觉得粥是家里就可以煮的食物,那一定是你还没尝过雪隆区的这几家粥食专卖店。 虽然「粥」本身没什么味道,但如果搭配其它食材,口感就可以变得更丰富...
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Like a custard tart, soft-centered fill with egg custard and baked, these e...
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Imbi巴刹是许多吉隆坡人的集体回忆,多年以来一直是大家心目中最棒的早餐地。于去年迁入ICC Pudu后,地点虽然不一样了,但许多珍贵的古早味依然能在这里找得到...
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Let's go for a bowl of curry mee!
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Craving for old school style breakfast that you had when you was a kid? We used ...
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Following the famous SS2 Wai Sek Kai, now we actually have one at Section 17 her...
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Looking for a place for some Chinese style dessert instead? Let’s check th...
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Food is good no matter what it is — whether it’s Korean food, Mexican food, Filipino food, etc. but you know what’s the best kind of food? Of course it’s local food! When it comes down to it, many of us will prefer local food over everything else in the end. Malaysia isn’t known as a food heaven for no reason.Most local restaurants have that authentic local taste going on, but there are some of them that we need to highlight. Here are 7 local restaurants you should check out for the best local taste!1. Capital Nasi Dagang Kelantan Restaurant All your favourite Kelantan food can be found at this humble little eatery. At a reasonable price, you can gratefully access the nasi dagang that includes coconut rice, squid and chicken curry, large prawns, mackerel tuna and beef rendang. This is worth dying for not only the authenticity, b... More
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Fish Ball Noodle is such a comfort food, eaten soup or dry. Springy fish balls and delectable fish cakes! Not only have the cats’ loved fish, now we humans too! More