Xue Lian & Dates Soup Recipe 雪莲三枣药材汤食谱

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Xue Lian & Dates Soup Recipe 雪莲三枣药材汤食谱
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Xue Lian and dates are Chinese herbs that are good for health especially for women. Xue Lian and Dates soup is not only healthy and delicious, but also very easy to cook. It takes not more than 10 minutes for preparation, isn't this awesome?

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Xue Lian & Dates Soup Recipe 雪莲三枣药材汤食谱
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Ingredient and Portion
300g Xue Lian (Saussurea Root) / 雪莲 300克
200g fresh Huai Shan / 鲜淮山 200克
50g monkey head mushroom / 猴头菇 50克

2 black dates / 黑枣 2粒
1 honey dates / 蜜枣 1粒
10 red dates / 红枣 10粒
10g Bei Qi / 北芪 10克
20g Dang Shen / 党参 20克
20g Yu Zhu / 玉竹 20克
10 bowls water / 水 10饭碗

1 tsp salt / 盐 1茶匙
1. Bring ingredients B to boil, and then off the heat and let it stay for 40 minutes. Heat up again until boiled, add in ingredients A and bring to boil again. Turn to low heat and simmer for 2 hours, season to taste.
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