Vietnamese Golden Curry Recipe 越式黄金咖哩食谱

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Vietnamese Golden Curry Recipe 越式黄金咖哩食谱
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Vietnamese Golden Curry Recipe it relieves fatigue, prevents influenza and high blood pressure, and for general well-being.

Ingredient and Portion
Serves: 4 / 4人份
Organic Pumpki/有机南瓜 400grams / 400克
Organic Potato (Cooked & Cut) 有机马铃薯(煮熟,切块)3 pieces / 粒
Organic Fried Bean Curd (Taufu Pok) 8 pieces/块
G Soy Cube / 50 grams 黄豆纤维 50grams / 克
Shiitake Mushroom Cube / 香菇纤维 50 grams / 克
Lemongrass (Finely Chopped) / 香茅(剁碎) 12 stalks / 枝
Organic Red Chilli (Blended) / 有机红辣椒(磨烂) 8 pieces / 片
Kaffir Lime Leaf / 柠檬叶 8 leaves/片
Onion (Mashed) / 大葱(磨烂) 6 pieces / 粒
Organic Curry Powder / 有机咖哩粉 2 tablespoons / 匙
Grape Seed Oil / 葡萄籽油 6 tablespoons / 匙
Water / 水 1 litre / 公升
Organic 84 Live Sea Salt (Coarse) / 有机84活性海盐(粗)3 teaspoons / 茶匙
Organic Soya Milk Powder (Low Sugar) / 有机豆奶粉(低糖) 4 tablespoons / 匙
1. Steam the pumpkin and mash it. Set aside.

2. Heat oil, fry the lemongrass until fragrant. Add in curry powder and blended red chilli and stir-fry for a moment.

3. Put in mashed onion and stir-fry, then add in the kaffir lime leaves.

4. Add in water and seasonings. Put in G soy cubes, diced potato, shiitake mushroom cubes and fried bean curd. Stir until tasty. Serve hot.
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