Vietnam-style Fried Tofu Recipe 越南豆腐食谱

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Vietnam-style Fried Tofu Recipe 越南豆腐食谱
Vietnamese style tofu could be your next favourite. Fried till golden brown and tops with mayonaise - easy and simple!

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Ingredient and Portion
Ingredients / 材料:
2 soft tofu / 生花豆腐/滑豆腐 2块
20g shredded carrot / 红萝卜丝 20克
20g shredded radish / 白萝卜丝 20克
50g shredded cucumber / 青瓜丝 50克
2 tbsp mayonnaise / 美奶滋/沙律酱 2大匙
2 tbsp crushed toasted peanut / 烘香花生碎 2大匙
1 tbsp salt / 盐 1大匙

Marinade /腌料:
1 tbsp Chinese rice vinegar / 白米醋 1大匙
2 tbsp caster sugar / 细砂糖 2大匙
1. Mix shredded carrot and radish with salt, marinate for 15 minutes. Rinse and clear under the cool running water to reduce the saltiness, squeeze out the excess water.
將红萝卜丝及白萝卜丝加入盐拌勻,腌渍15分鐘。用清水沖洗盐份,擠乾水 份。

2. Season carrot and radish with marinade, marinate for 20 minutes.
將红萝卜丝和白萝卜丝加入腌料拌均 勻,放置腌渍20分鐘。

3. Cut each tofu into 4 pieces, drain. Deep-fry in hot oil over high heat until golden brown, dish out and drain. Arrange on a serving plate.
把豆腐1开4份,抹干水份后放入热油 中以大火炸至金黃色,捞起,沥油,上 碟。

4. Serve fried tofu with marinated carrot and radish, top with mayonnaise. Sprinkle with crushed peanuts, serve at once.
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