Thai Creamy Prawn Recipe 泰式奶油虾食谱

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Thai Creamy Prawn Recipe 泰式奶油虾食谱
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Fuss-free recipe! A smart way to cook without the need to wash the pan. This recipe proves that it works and cooks a great Thai Creamy Prawn dish too!

Ingredient and Portion
7-8pcs Prawn / 虾 7-8 只
1/2 cup Coconut Milk / 椰奶 1/2 杯
1 tbsp Curry Powder / 咖哩粉 1 大匙
1 Garlic clove / 大蒜 1 瓣
8 Cherry Tomatoes / 小番茄 8颗
1/2 Chili / 辣椒 1/2 根
1 tsp Salt / 盐 1 小匙
1. Ready the baking paper, approx. 40cm X 40cm.
准备大概40cm X 40cm的烘焙纸。

2. Prawn, curry powder, garlic, tomatoes and chili put on top of baking paper, twist both of edge as ship shape.

3. Pour in coconut milk and salt, seal the baking paper.

4. Add in to the hot pan and cook for 3-5 minute with middle-low heat.
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