Teriyaki Pork Petite Recipe 照烧汁猪肉饼食谱

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Teriyaki Pork Petite Recipe 照烧汁猪肉饼食谱
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Teriyaki sauce can be addictive for no reason. This teriyaki pork petite recipe will sure to be your favourite!
照烧汁猪肉饼食谱- 结合了中日餐的食材如绍兴酒、日本生抽和日本甜酒等!绝对是你不能错过的!
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Steps / 步骤
Ingredients / 材料
Oriental Cuisine 美味风采
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Ingredient and Portion
300g minced pork / 猪肉碎300克
50g chopped onion / 洋葱50克(剁碎)
20g butter / 牛油20克
dash of corn flour / 生粉少许
Seasoning A: / 调味料 A:
1/2 tsp chicken powder / 鸡精粉1/2茶匙
2 tsp sugar / 糖2茶匙
1/2 tsp salt / 盐1/2茶匙
1/2 tsp soy sauce / 生抽1/2 汤匙
50ml chinese cooking wine / 绍兴酒50克
dash of sesame oil and pepper / 麻油少许、胡椒粉少许

Seasoning B: / 调味料 B:
15g dark soy sauce / 老抽15克
50g japanese soy sauce / 日本生抽50克
50g mirin / 日本甜酒50克
1.Mixes onion and seasoning A with minced meat and then knead into 40g petite.(pic 1-2)

2.Heat some oil in pan, sear the petite until cooked.(pic 3)

3.Heat butter in another clean wok, saute ingredients B until fragrant, add in petite and simmer for about 2 minutes.(pic 4-6)

4.Thicken with corn flour, done.
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