Tamarind Chicken Foot with Pineapple Recipe 亚参凤梨鸡爪食谱

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Tamarind Chicken Foot with Pineapple Recipe 亚参凤梨鸡爪食谱
Sourish but very appetizing, this dish can be as a starter too! Recipe here!

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Ingredient and Portion
Ingredients (A) / 材料 (A):
300g fried chicken feet / 炸鸡脚 300克
1/2 no pineapple (cut into small pieces) / 凤梨 1/2个(切小块)
6 tamarind slices / 亚参片 6片
1/4 tsp crushed black pepper / 黑胡椒末 1/4小匙
1/4 tsp crushed white pepper / 白胡椒末 1/4小匙
8 dried chilies (sectioned) / 辣椒干 8条(切段)
sugar to taste/ 糖少许
a pinch of salt / 盐少许
1800ml water / 清水 1800毫升

Ingredients (B) / 材料 (B):
3 dried chilies / 辣椒干 3条
3 shallots / 小葱头 3粒
5 cloves garlic / 蒜瓣 5粒
1 inch turmeric / 黄姜 1吋
5 nos mushroom stalk (soak in the water until soften) / 香菇脚 5粒(清水泡软)
(1) Blend all the ingredients (B) in a food processor until fine, set aside.

(2) Heat up 3 tbsp oil in the preheated wok to sauté blended ingredients over a low heat until fragrant. Add in pineapple, stir-fry briskly until soften.
镬里烧热3大匙油,加入捣烂之材 料以慢火兜炒香浓,加入凤梨拌炒 至软化为止。

(3) Add in chicken feets, toss well, add water, tamarind slices, crushed pepper and dried chilies, bring to boil. Covered, simmer over medium-high heat for 25 minutes, or until the chicken feets are tender and the flavour has been absorbed, season it with salt and sugar. Serve hot.
放入鸡脚兜炒片刻,加入清水、亚 参片、胡椒末及辣椒干同煮沸,盖上,改用中火焖煮25分钟,或至鸡脚松软入味为止,加糖和盐调味,即可上桌。
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