Strawberry Mille Crepe Recipe 法式千層草莓蛋糕食谱

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Strawberry Mille Crepe Recipe 法式千層草莓蛋糕食谱
Mille Crepe looks tough but it is actually fun and challenging. Layers of satisfaction with cream! Strawberry Mille Crepe can be the best dessert to cook over the weekends!
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Ingredient and Portion
300g light cream / 淡忌廉 300克
30g Organic brown sugar / 有机黄糖 30克
175g Low-gluten pastry flour / 无漂白低筋面粉 175克
30g Organic virgin coconut oil / 有机初榨椰子油 30克
Pinch of Sea salt / 海盐 适量
335ml Milk / 牛奶 335毫升
2 Whole eggs / 全蛋 两个
30g Organic brown sugar / 有机黄糖 30克
15g Strawberries / 草莓 15克
Method (A): / 做法 (A):
Step 1: Wash clean the strawberries and cut into slices

Step 2: Sieve the low-gluten flour

Step 3: Add in organic brown sugar and pinch of salt into the low-gluten flour and mix them together

Method (B): / 做法(B):
Step 1: Pour milk and add in eggs into the mixed low-gluten flour together and whisk altogether

Step 2: Add in organic virgin coconut oil and whisk

Step 3: Pour the mixture into the sieve and use plastic wrap to cover it. Put into fridge for 30 minutes

Step 4: Prepare a pan, low heat and wipe little bit of oil on the pan

Step 5: Pour half a scoop of the mixture and let it slowly cook, and then turn the bottom side up to cook the top part; until it turns to a cooked texture. The thinner it is the better. Take note to use slow heat and keep an eye on your piece of thin crepe on the pan to prevent it from burned

Step 6: Once cooked, put aside each layer to let it cool down

Step 7: While waiting for it to cool down, take light cream and brown sugar, mix together and whipped until stiff peaks

Step 8: Take a slice of the crepe, spread the whipped cream on top of it, and put strawberry slices on it. Repeat the same until used up all the crepe skins and complete. Put into the fridge to chill it for a moment before eating
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