Stir-Fried Chicken with Chilli Oil Recipe 辣油炒鸡块食谱

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Stir-Fried Chicken with Chilli Oil Recipe 辣油炒鸡块食谱
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A simple, classic recipe in the Chinese kitchen, and now a popular take-out dish, this Stir-Fried Chicken with Chilli Oil is a great example of how Chilli Oil is used abundantly in Chinese cooking.


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Ingredient and Portion
2 whole chicken leg / 鸡腿 2只
1 onion / 洋葱 1个
2 stalks spring onion / 青葱 2棵
2 red chilli / 红辣椒 2条
2 tbsp chilli oil / 辣椒油 2汤匙

Seasonings A
1/2 tsp soy bean paste / 豆酱 1/2茶匙
1 tsp sugar / 糖 1茶匙

Seasonings B
1/2 cup chicken stock / 鸡汤 1/2杯
potato flour solution / 马铃薯粉芡汁
1. Wash chicken legs, drain and cut into small pieces.

2. Rinse onion and red chillies, cut into cubes.

3. Rinse spring onions and cut into sections.

Method / 步骤:
1. Heat up 2 tbsp chilli oil in a pot, add in Seasonings A, stir-fry until aromatic.

2. Add in chicken pieces, stir-fry until well mixed. Place in onion and red chilli cubes to stir-fry.

3. Pour in chicken stock, cover and cook for 5 minutes, then thicken the gravy with some starch solution. Add spring onions and stir-fry until well mixed. Remove and serve. Pour in another tablespoon of chilli oil to enhance the aroma if desired.
倒入鸡汤,加盖,煮约5分钟,然后用芡汁勾芡,加入青葱段拌匀即可。若喜欢,上碟后可再淋入 1汤匙辣椒油增添香味。
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