Steamed Oatmeal Bun Recipe 燕麦馒头食谱

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Steamed Oatmeal Bun Recipe 燕麦馒头食谱
Healthy and delicious steamed bun. Worth to have a try!

Ingredient and Portion
Ingredient A 材料A :
50g Instant Oat Bran / 即食燕麦片
150ml Boiled Water / 沸水

Ingredient B 材料B :
Plain flour / 中筋面粉 270g
Whole Grain Wheat Flour / 全麦面粉 30g
1/2 teaspoon Instead Yeast / 干酵母
Fine Sugar / 细砂糖 15g
1/8 teaspoon Salt / 盐
Corn Oil /植物油 15g
Water / 水 80ml

Plain flour / 中筋面粉 15g(中间发酵完成添加用)
1. Mix the boiled water and oat bran, cover for 15 mins.

2. Churn it to cool down and set aside.

3. Add the ingredient B into oat mixture, knead for 7 to 10 mins until a dough form.

4. Cover the dough with plastic wrapper and let the dough rest for around 2 hours or doubles in size in room temperature.

5. Spread some plain flour onto the dough, knead again.

6. Flat the dough to rectangular size, roll it and cut into equal pieces. Place each piece on waxed paper for second raising(around 40 mins).
擀成长方形,卷起,收口粘紧朝下,分割成平均等份,放在烘焙纸上发酵40分钟至馒头发的非常蓬松的感觉 ,可用线来割馒头(如割年糕),利落又易操作。

7. After second raising, cover steamer with lid and turn on to medium-low heat to steam the buns for 15 mins. Slightly remove lid before turn off the heat.

8. After you turn off the heat, keep the lid on for extra five minutes and slowly remove the lid to prevent the buns from becoming saggy.
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