Steamed "Dou Bao" Rolls with Toona Sinensis Sauce Recipe 香椿酱蒸金菇豆包卷食谱

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Steamed "Dou Bao" Rolls with Toona Sinensis Sauce Recipe 香椿酱蒸金菇豆包卷食谱
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Do you know how Toona Sinensis Sauce taste like? Full with nutrients and high proteins. It is also a perfect match to cook with Enoki mushroom too!

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Ingredient and Portion
Ingredients A / 材料A
6 “DouBao” / 豆包 6片
1 package fresh Enokitake mushrooms / 鲜金针菇1包
50g carrot (striped) / 红萝卜50克(切条)
80g vegetarian ham / 素火腿80克
some continental parsley (blanch in the boiling water until soften, drain and torn) / 芹菜梗 适量

Ingredients B (mix well) / 材料B(拌匀)
2 tbsp homemade Toona Sinensis sauce / 香椿酱2大匙
1 tbsp light soy sauce / 酱油 1大匙
1/2 tsp mushroom seasoning powder / 香菇精 1/2 大匙
2 tbsp water / 清水2大匙

Toona Sinensis sauce ingredients / 香椿汁材料
1/2 tbsp homemade Toona Sinensis sauce / 香椿酱1/2大匙
1/2 tbsp light soy sauce / 酱油1/2大匙
1/2 tbsp vegetarian oyster sauce / 素蚝油1/2大匙
150ml water / 清水150毫升
1. Cut vegetarian ham into strips, and pan-fry in a sauce pan with a little hot oil until fragrant. Dish out and drain well.

2. Open the "Dou Bao" and cut into half, put in some Enokitake mushrooms, carrot and vegetarian ham. Roll up, tie with continental parsley. (repeat with the rest of 'Dou Bao" and ingredients)

3. Arrange "Dou Bao" rolls onto steaming plate, spoon in ingredients B mixture on top. Steam in a preheated steamer for 10 minutes over high heat.

4. In a sauce pan, bring Toona Sinensis sauce ingredients to boil, pour sauce onto "Dou Bao" rolls. Serve hot.
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