Spaghetti served with Mushroom Sauce

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Spaghetti served with Mushroom Sauce
A simple sauce yet affordable to buy ingredients from supermarkets.
Ingredient and Portion
1 Packet of Spaghetti
Mushroom Soup (Campbell)
Mushrooms (according to preferences)
Spring Onions (according to preferences)
Black Pepper (as garnishes/flavor)
1) Boil water which enough to cook the amount of spaghetti according to the amount of consumers. i:e- 1.5liter water enough to cook a packet of Spaghetti.
2) While waiting the water to be boiled, open the cans of Mushroom Soup. Pour onto a pot, add some warm water to dilute it. i:e-3 Cans Mushroom Soup = 3 Cans of Warm water or more according to preferences (watery/thick)
3) Season the Mushroom Soup/Sauce with some Black Pepper, Spring Onions, Shredded Pork/Chicken, Mushrooms.
4) After water boiled, put in the Spaghetti and let it cook for 15mins
5) Lastly, served spaghetti with the Sauce topping.
While boiling water for cooking Spaghetti, add some salt and oil. This is to season the pasta with some salt and the oil is to make it non sticky with each pasta.
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