Shallot Pancake Recipe 葱油饼食谱

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Shallot Pancake Recipe 葱油饼食谱
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One of the northern region signature dishes.Crispy, flaky pancakes packed with shallots!

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自己炼油放心吃 Homemade Oil, Healthy Goodness
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Ingredient and Portion
Ingredients A
160g chopped spring onion / 葱花 160克
90g fried shallot flakes / 炸红葱头片 90克
some salt and pepper for sprinkle / 盐和胡椒粉 少许

Ingredients B
300g plain flour /面粉 300克
1/2 tsp salt /盐 1/2茶匙
150ml hot water /热水 150毫升
50ml cold water /冷水 50毫升

Ingredients C
1/2 cup shallot oil/葱头油 1/2杯
1/2 cup olive oil /橄榄油 1/2杯
1. Sieve plain flour in a mixing bowl, add in salt and slowly stir in hot water, stir with chopsticks.

2. Stir in cold water slowly and knead into a smooth dough. Rub dough with oil, put in a plastic bag and rest for 1 hour.

3. Divide dough into 4 portions, roll it flat into a long and thin slice, sprinkle with shallot oil.

4. Sprinkle chopped spring onion, fried shallot, a pinch of salt and pepper over, gently press the spring onion and shallot into pastry.
把葱花和炸红葱头片洒在每片面团上,再洒上少许盐和胡椒粉, 用手轻轻把葱花和葱片压进面皮里。

5. Roll the pastry up to form up a long strip. Gently pull it longer then turn it round into a spiral shape. Repeat with the rest.

6. Place the shallot pancakes on a greased tray, cover with cloth and rest for 1 hour.

7. Heat up olive oil in a pan over medium heat. Gently flatten shallot pancakes and place in the heated pan. Pan-fry each at a time until golden brown on both sides. Remove and serve.
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