Sambal Goreng Udang Petai Recipe 叁峇臭豆虾食谱

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Sambal Goreng Udang Petai Recipe 叁峇臭豆虾食谱
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Petai is known to have medicinal values and it tastes good when cooked with Sambal and Prawns! This sambal goreng udang petai recipe is good for everyone!

每次吃Nasi Lemak的时候都会加料,其中一道就是叁峇臭豆虾了。如果不喜欢吃臭豆也会加上它,因为叁峇臭豆虾无论是味道或是色香都是很吸引人的。现在就教你如何在家煮出像卖Nasi Lemak的味道。
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Sambal Goreng Udang Petai Recipe 叁峇臭豆虾食谱
Wickedly Hot 辣到爽
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Ingredient and Portion
Ingredients /材料
300g large prawns, peeled and deveined /大虾,去壳,去肠泥300克
100g petai beans /臭豆100克
50g galangal /南姜50克
20ml tamarind juice /亚叁汁20毫升
1 tbsp palm sugar /椰糖1汤匙
30ml coconut milk /椰浆30毫升
2 pcs kaffir lime leaves /青柠檬叶2片
1 pc lemongrass /香茅1支
100ml chicken stock /鸡汤100毫升

Rempah (to blend) /香料(搅拌)
10 shallots, peeled / 红葱头,去皮10粒
5 chillies /辣椒5条
10 cloves garlic, peeled /大蒜,去皮10瓣
50g dried shrimp /虾米50克
1 onion /洋葱1粒
1. Blend all Rempah ingredients into a paste, heat wok with oil and fry paste till fragrant.

2. Add galangal, tamarind juice, sugar, lime leaves, lemongrass and stock, stir well and bring to simmer.

3. Add petai beans and prawns into the mixture, add coconut milk and continue to simmer till cooked and season with salt.

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