Salmon and Chive Cream Mousses Recipe 三文鱼香葱奶油慕丝食谱

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Salmon and Chive Cream Mousses Recipe  三文鱼香葱奶油慕丝食谱
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Feels to slack at home and enjoy doing some comfort food? Salmon and chive cream mousse recipe is refreshing and appetizing!

Ingredient and Portion
(for 6 verrines / 六杯份)

200g crème fraiche / 鲜奶油 200克
30 blades chives / 细香葱30棵
6 tablespoons lemon juice / 柠檬汁 6汤匙
3 slices smoked salmon / 烟熏三文鱼片 3片
Salt & pepper / 盐 & 胡椒 适量
1. Put the crème fraiche in the stainless steel bowl fitted with the multi-blade whisk and the lid. Season. Add the chopped chives. Whip the crème fraiche on speed 4 for one minute, then on speed 5 for one and a half minutes.
把鲜奶油倒入不锈钢碗里,倒入盐和胡椒调味。准备搅拌器后才加入细香葱,以speed 4搅拌奶油和香葱约1分钟,然后再以speed 5搅拌1分钟半;

2. Add three tablespoons of lemon juice. Whip for 30 seconds on speed 5 to properly incorporate the lemon juice into the crème fraiche.
加入3茶匙柠檬汁,再以speed 5来搅拌,使柠檬汁完全混入鲜奶油;

3. Divide the resulting cream between six verrines or small glasses. Arange the salmon cut into strips over the top. Drizzle the rest of the lemon juice over the salmon.

Recommended for this recipe can be Tefal product.
此食谱推荐使用Tefal 产品。
You can replace the salmon with prawns.
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