Prosperity & Harmony Recipe 龙凤呈祥食谱

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Prosperity & Harmony Recipe 龙凤呈祥食谱
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A great appetizer and also a main dish to enjoy. This recipe teaches you to get the prawn just done right and the gravy is yummy!

这是一道相当开胃的菜式,使用了鲜虾。炸至金黄色的虾,淋上柠檬汁,酸酸甜甜的,吃了还想在吃。除此之外, 加入樱桃小番茄和黄瓜片装饰,有如在酒楼般。
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Prosperity & Harmony Recipe 龙凤呈祥食谱
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Ingredient and Portion
Ingredients / 材料
300g prawn / 虾仁 300克
1 carrot (juliennes) / 红箩卜丝 1条
5 pcs water chestnut / 马蹄丝 5粒

Condiments / 腌料
1/2 tsp sugar / 糖 1/2茶匙
1/3 tsp pepper / 胡椒粉 1/3茶匙
1 tsp sesame oil / 麻油 1茶匙
1/4 tsp chicken powder / 鸡精粉 1/4茶匙

Coating / 粘虾用
50g corn flour / 粟米粉 50克
1 beaten egg / 鸡蛋液 1粒
30g sesame seeds / 白芝麻 30克

Sauce / 汁料
1 tbsp butter / 牛油 1汤匙
1/2 tbsp plain flour / 面粉 1/2汤匙
100g orange juice / 橙汁 100克
1 tbsp lemon juice / 柠檬汁 1汤匙
2 tbsp sugar / 糖 2汤匙
1/3 tsp chicken powder / 鸡精粉 1/3茶匙
1/2 tsp salt / 盐 1/2茶匙
1 tsp orange rind / 橙皮丝 1茶匙
1 tsp custard powder / 蛋黄粉 1茶匙

Garnishing / 装饰
Cherry tomato and cucumber slices / 樱桃小番茄和黄瓜片 适量
1.Shelled prawn and keep tails intact; devein, wash and pat dry and marinate with condiments.

2.Blanch juliennes carrot and drain; water chestnut juliennes.

3.Place prawn on chopping board, smash with the back of cleaver and then coat with corn flour, top with carrot and water chestnut and roll up.

4.Coat the prawn roll with corn flour, egg sauce and sesame seeds; and then deep fry in hot oil until golden brown, drain.

5.For sauce: Melt butter and add in plain flour and stir-fry in low heat until light brown; toss in other ingredients and cook until starchy.

6.Place prawn rolls on plate and pours sauce over, garnish and serve.
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