Pork Wonton in Chilli Oil Recipe 猪肉馄饨配辣椒油食谱

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Pork Wonton in Chilli Oil Recipe 猪肉馄饨配辣椒油食谱
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Wonton is one of the best food being wrapped up with ingredients! This Pork wonton is spice up with Chili Oil will sure to entice your taste buds!

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Pork Wonton in Chilli Oil Recipe 猪肉馄饨配辣椒油食谱
Wickedly Hot 辣到爽
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Ingredient and Portion
Ingredients (Fillings) /材料(馅料)
500g minced pork / 剁碎猪肉500克
10 pcs shrimp, diced / 虾,切粒10只
1 tbsp white pepper / 白胡椒1汤匙
1 tbsp oyster sauce / 蚝油1汤匙
1 tsp light soy sauce / 酱油1茶匙
1 tsp sugar / 糖1茶匙
1 tbsp sesame oil / 麻油1汤匙
1 egg / 鸡蛋1粒
1 stalk scallion, washed and cut small / 葱,洗净,切小粒1棵
1 tbsp cornstarch /玉米粉1汤匙
12 pcs wanton skin /馄饨皮12片

Dressing Sauce /香料
2-3 tbsp chilli oil or sambal tumis /辣椒油或叁峇辣椒酱2-3汤匙
2 tbsp light soy sauce /酱油2汤匙
2 tbsp sesame oil /麻油2汤匙
2 tbsp roasted sesame seeds /芝麻2汤匙
Some cut spring onion /葱粒少许
1. In a stainless steel mixing bowl, combine all the Fillings ingredients in a bowl except wonton skin.

2. Take a piece of wonton skin and spoon 1 tbsp of filling in the centre and moist the edges of the skin, twist close all around to prevent from opening.

3. Prepare a pot of water. When water is boiling, add a bit of oil and salt, toss in wrapped wonton, cook for 5 minutes until all wontons float on the surface. Use a sieve spoon to remove the cooked wontons into a clean bowl.

4. Prepare a medium bowl with sesame oil and light soy sauce, mix well with a spoon. Scoop cooked wonton into the chilli oil mixture and sprinkle with sesame seeds and scallion.

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