Pina Colada Cheesecake Shots Recipe 椰林飘香芝士蛋糕杯食谱

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Pina Colada Cheesecake Shots Recipe 椰林飘香芝士蛋糕杯食谱
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If you like pina coladas.You'll like this pina colada cheesecake topped with sweet coconut flakes and juicy pineapple rings!

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Ingredient and Portion
Ingredients A (Base) / 材料A(饼底)
130g marie biscuits / 玛丽饼 130克
65g butter, melted / 牛油(溶化) 65克

Ingredients B (Cheese Filling) / 材料B(芝士馅)
300ml whipping cream / 鲜奶油 300毫升
250g cream cheese, softened / 奶油芝士(软化)250克50g
castor sugar / 幼糖 50克
120ml thick coconut milk / 浓椰浆120毫升
1 tsp vanilla essence / 香草精 1茶匙
1 tbsp gelatin powder / 鱼胶粉 1汤匙

Ingredients C (Garnishing) / 材料C(装饰配料)
50g toasted coconut flakes / 炒香椰子屑 50克
100g canned pineapple, thinly sliced / 罐头黄梨肉(切薄片)100克
1. Base: Crush marie biscuits and pour in a mixing bowl. Add melted butter and mix well. Scoop some mixture into each shooter, press firmly and keep in fridge for later use.

2. Cheese Filling: Pour whipping cream in another mixing bowl, beat until light and soft peak forms with a hand mixer. In a separate bowl, whisk cream cheese and castor sugar until light. Add whipping cream and mix well. Add thick coconut milk and mix until well combined.
芝士馅:将鲜奶油倒入另一个搅拌碗内,打发至泛白和软性发泡。在另一个碗内,将奶油芝士和幼糖打发至泛白,加入打发鲜奶油拌匀。 加入浓椰浆拌匀。

3. Mix 1 1/2 tbsp of hot water with the gelatin and add it together with the vanilla essence into the mixture, mix lightly to combine.

4. Scoop Cheese Filling into the chilled shooters and chill again until set.

5. To serve, sprinkle toasted coconut flakes over and garnish with pineapple slice.
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