Orange & Banana Cheesecake Recipe 香橙香蕉乳酪蛋糕食谱

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Orange & Banana Cheesecake Recipe 香橙香蕉乳酪蛋糕食谱
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Yes! This is just a piece of cake! Easy, simple and yummy. Rich and creamy too! Let's try this Orange & Banana Cheesecake Recipe!
Ingredient and Portion
Sponge ingredients / 蛋糕材料
120g sponge mix / 120克 蛋糕预拌粉
2 eggs / 2个 鸡蛋
30ml water / 30毫升 清水
30g melted butter / 30克 溶化牛油

Filling 150g banana (sliced) / 150克香蕉(切片)
1 tbsp butter / 1大匙牛油
1 tbsp sugar / 1大匙糖
4 nos sponge fingers / 4条手指饼
200ml orange juice / 200毫升鲜橙汁

Cheese layer / 芝士层
150g cream cheese / 150克 奶油芝士
50g caster sugar / 50克 细砂糖
1 tsp gelatine powder / 1大匙 鱼胶粉
1 tbsp water / 1大匙清水
150g fresh cream (whipped) / 150克鲜奶油(打起)
1. To make sponge cake, whisk sponge mix, eggs and water until light and fluffy. Fold in melted butter, mix until well combined.

2. Spread batter into a lined 18cm (7-in) baking tin .Bake in preheated oven at 180℃for 15-20 minutes. When cool, split into 3 layers.

3. To make filling, heat up pan to melt butter and sugar, then slow pan-fried the banana until tender. Remove.

4. To make cheese layer, beat cream cheese and sugar until soft and smooth.

5. Melt the gelatine powder with water over double boil. Add into cheese mixture, mix well. Fold in whipped cream.

6. Line a slice of sponge cake into cake tin, place in banana, then spread half of cheese batter. Cover with cake. Dip the sponge fingers into orange juice and row on the cake. Spread the rest of cheese batter and cover with cake.

7. Frozen the cake until set. Remove, coat the cake with whipped cream, dust with cocoa powder. Decorate as desired.
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