Mixed Vegetable Soup Recipe 什锦杂菜天然维他命汤食谱

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Mixed Vegetable Soup Recipe 什锦杂菜天然维他命汤食谱
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Nothings better than a bowl of mixed vegetable soup for the soul. Vitamins and nutrients to keep you away from the sick bacterias and viruses!
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Miraculous Soups 这些汤彻底改变了我
Miraculous Soups 这些汤彻底改变了我
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Ingredient and Portion
1 carrot / 红萝卜 1个
2 potato / 马铃薯 2个
2 tomato / 番茄 2个
1 onion / 洋葱 1个
1 green capsicum / 青椒 1个
1/2 catty (approx. 300g) lean meat / 半斤(约300克)
2 pieces ginger / 姜 2片
enough water to cover all ingredients / 足以盖过所有材料的水
a pinch of coarse salt / 粗盐少许
1. Rinse all vegetables. Peel carrot and potatoes and cut into halves. Peel onion. Remove stems from tomatoes. Remove seeds from green capsicum. Rinse and set aside.

2. Scald lean meat in boiling water without cutting into pieces. Remove and rinse. Set aside.

3. Put all Ingredients in a pot with water. Bring to a boil over high heat. Turn to low heat and simmer for 2hours. Season with salt.
Green Capsicum /青椒
It contains vitamins and trace elements that have antioxidising effects. It enhances the body and relieves fatigue due to pressure. It is rich in iron and it is essential for pregnant women.

Carrot / 红萝卜
Neutral in nature and tastes sweet, it is nourishing, expels heat, enhances spleen and promotes digestion.

My experience / 体验分享
Instead of taking multiple vitamin pills, this soup supplies natural vitamins for you. Sometimes I will add more vegetables and fruits and bring them to a boil again after serving. You may also add in some figs, and bitter and sweet almonds. It helps to promote bowel movement, nourish lungs and stop cough. Add in some Chinese wild yam should you have a weak stomach.


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