Melon Soup with Corn Silk and Ribs Recipe 三瓜瑶柱百合玉米须煲排骨汤食谱

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Melon Soup with Corn Silk and Ribs Recipe 三瓜瑶柱百合玉米须煲排骨汤食谱
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Lack of soup in our daily meals would be not good to our health. It is good to have soups to nourish us in and out. This soup would be good! Try this melon soup with corn silk and ribs recipe today
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Miraculous Soups 这些汤彻底改变了我
Miraculous Soups 这些汤彻底改变了我
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Ingredient and Portion
1 papaya / 木瓜 1个
2 chayote/Buddha hand gourd / 佛手瓜2个
1 bottle gourd/birdhouse gourd / 葫芦瓜 1个
3 pieces dried scallop / 瑶柱 / 干贝 3颗
2 maces (approx. 7.6g) corn silk / 玉米须 2钱(约7.6克)
1 tael (approx. 37.5g) lily bulb / 百合 1两(约37.5克)
4 nos honey date / 蜜枣 4粒
½ catty (approx 300g) pork rib / 排骨 半斤(约300克)
1. Soak dried scallops until soft and break them up into shreds. Put them in a pot together with the water used to soak them.

2. Peel papaya, remove seeds and cut it into large pieces. Rinse bottle gourd, remove stem, and cut it into thick pieces.

3. Rinse chayote, cut it into halves and remove cores. Set aside.

4. Soak corn silk for a few times, thoroughly clean to remove dirt and impurities. Drain well and set aside.

5. Chop pork rib into pieces, scald in boiling water for 5 minutes, rinse and set aside.

6. Rinse lily bulb and honey dates, and set aside.

7. Place all ingredients in a pot with 3000ml of water. Bring to a boil over high heat. Turn to low heat and simmer for 3 hours. Turn off heat and season with salt.
Value of the soup / 汤品分析
Corn silk is neutral in nature, tastes mild and sweet. It enhances gallbladder, promotes urination and relieves edema. It is suitable for those holding desk-bound jobs, and suffers from edema from prolonged hours of sitting.

Promotes radiance, enhances skin condition, and lubricates intestines / 美肌润肤润肠
Chayote enhances skin condition and beauty. Bottle gourd promotes urination and relieves edema. Papaya lubricates intestines and generates fluid for the body. Corn silk dispels dampness, reduces high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Dried scallops nourish kidneys and tonify liver. This soup is suitable for those with dry skin, and who suffers from prolonged hours of sitting, resulting in poor circulation in the lower body. It is also good for people suffering from constipation, have difficulty passing urine, and has high blood fat, high blood pressure and high blood sugar.

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