Malay Steamed Stingray In Belacan Sauce Recipe 马来酱蒸蒲鱼食谱

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Malay Steamed Stingray In Belacan Sauce Recipe 马来酱蒸蒲鱼食谱
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As we know, stingray is best cook in sour and spicy sauce. A-must-try recipe, steamed stingray in belacan sauce is way too delicious !

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Ingredient and Portion
Ingredient / 材料
500g stingray / 蒲鱼 500克
Some salt / 盐 少许
Sauce (Mixed well) / 酱料(拌匀)
200g shallots, peeled and sliced / 红葱头(去皮,切片)200克
15 bird’s eye chillies, diced / 指天椒(切小粒)15条
1 pc belacan, toasted and crushed / 拉煎(烤香,弄碎)1片
1 tbsp tamarind paste, mixed well with 4 tbsp water and squeezed for juice / 亚叁膏 1汤匙(与4汤匙水 拌匀,挤汁)
1 tsp sugar / 糖 1茶匙
Some light soy sauce / 生抽 少许
Some fish sauce / 鱼露 少许
1. Rinse stingray and drain well. Rub well with salt to marinate for a while.

2. Arrange stingray on a steaming plate, steam over high heat until cooked.

3. Pour out the steaming juice from the plate. Sprinkle the Sauce over the fish.
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