Malacca Pork Satay Recipe 马六甲猪肉沙爹食谱

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Malacca Pork Satay Recipe 马六甲猪肉沙爹食谱
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Craving for Pork Satay that you've just tried from Melaka? What if you can get them here in Klang Valley? The best especially when you have this recipe to refer! Try this today!

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Ingredients / 材料
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Ingredient and Portion
Pork Belly / 三层肉 (五花腩)
Lemongrass / 香茅
Shallot / 小洋葱
Powder coriander / 芫荽粉
Powder Jintan Manis / 小茴粉
Fine Sugar / 糖
Fine Salt / 盐
Sauce Dark Soy / 黑酱油
Powder Tumeric / 黄姜粉
Satay Stick / 沙爹串
1. Cut the pork belly without the skin with a knife chopper. Cut it into vertical shape with 2 inches long.

2. Cut Lemon grass, Shallot (peeled), and put into the blender. Blend it until fine. Pour into mixing bowl with fine salt, fine sugar, dark soya sauce, Tumeric powder. Marinade it for 20 minutes.

3. After marinade, take satay stick to place in 3 pieces of pork belly.
腌制好之后,用沙爹串将三片的三层肉 (五花腩)串在一起。

4. Ready to be barbeque.

5. Stained with satay sauce with pineapple puree.
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