Lotus Root with Black Bean and Preserved Kohlrabi Chicken Soup Recipe 莲藕黑豆大头菜老火鸡汤食谱

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Lotus Root with Black Bean and Preserved Kohlrabi Chicken Soup Recipe 莲藕黑豆大头菜老火鸡汤食谱
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Turnip and lotus have high nutritious. Black beans helps to reduce cholesterol. Thus, by using these ingredients and chicken to boil soup, is good for health and nourishing.

Ingredient and Portion
300g old hen / 300克老母鸡
150g spare ribs (chopped) / 150克排骨/汤骨(剁块)
150g Chinese lotus root (peeled, striped) / 150克唐莲藕(削皮,切条)
100g black beans / 100克黑豆
100g preserved kohlrabi / 100克大头菜
8 red dates / 8粒红枣
3 litres water / 3公升清水

Seasoning / 调味料:
1 tsp salt / 1小匙盐
1. Peel the skin and fat of the hen, then cut chicken into pieces, blanch in the boiling water for a short while. Dish out and drain well.

2. Soak preserved kohlrabi in the water for 20 minutes to reduce the saltiness, rinse and drain.

3. ln a soup pot, add water and bring to boil over high heat. Put in chicken, spare ribs, lotus root and the rest of ingredients.

4. Cover the lid, and bring back to boil. Reduce to low heat, cook for 3-4 hours, add seasoning, mix well. Serve hot.
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