Lamb In Herbal and Wine Pot Recipe 酒香羊肉炉食谱

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Lamb In Herbal and Wine Pot Recipe 酒香羊肉炉食谱
Lamb can be cooked in different ways such as lamb in herbal and wine pot recipe.You will be definitely falling in love with it!

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Lamb In Herbal and Wine Pot Recipe 酒香羊肉炉食谱
Ingredients / 材料
Oriental Cuisine 美味风采 第149期
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Ingredient and Portion
1kg Lamb shank / 羊后腿肉1公斤
1 piece old ginger (sliced) / 老姜1块(切片)
5 pcs DangGui / 当归5片
1 tbsp GouQi / 枸杞1大汤匙
5 pcs Bei Qi / 黄耆5片
2 cup rice wine / 米酒2杯
3 cups water / 水3杯
Dipping sauce / 蘸酱 – mix / 混合均匀
2 blocks fermented bean curd / 腐乳2块
1 tbsp chopped garlic / 蒜茸1汤匙
1 tbsp sugar / 糖1汤匙
2 tsp concentrated chicken stock, dash of salt & pepper / 浓缩鸡精2茶匙、盐、胡椒粉少许
1. Cut lamb shank into big pieces; stir fry with ginger and 2 tbsp rice wine in medium heat; pour in water to cover ingredients, bring to boil, discard soup, rinse & drain the lamb.(pic 1-4)

2. Transfer the lamb to a stewing pot, add in all other ingredients and wrap with cling foil, steam for 1 hour or until the meat is soften.(pic 5-7) Add in seasoning and turn off heat.

3. Serve with dipping sauce.
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