Herbal Duck Recipe / 当归鸭食谱

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Herbal Duck Recipe / 当归鸭食谱
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Herbs can be used to prepare a wonderful dish just likes herbal duck.This recipe will help you to replenish the sufficient nutrients which your body needed. Fantastic! Try it today!

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Herbal Duck Recipe / 当归鸭食谱
Herbal Duck Ingredient / 当归鸭材料
Oriental Cuisine 美味风采 第148期
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Ingredient and Portion
1/2 duck (cut into big pieces) / 鸭肉1/2只(砍大块)
1 pkt Shi Quan herbal pkt / 十全大补药材包1包
1 stalk spring onion / 葱段1支
2 slices ginger / 姜2片
6 cups water / 水6杯
1 tbsp sugar / 糖1汤匙
1 tsp salt / 盐1茶匙
1 tbsp chicken powder / 鸡粉1汤匙
2 tbsp rice wine / 米酒2汤匙
1.Boil spring onion, ginger and duck meat with water for about 30 minutes, dish out.(pic 1-2)

2.Pour 6 cups water into stewing pot, add in Shi Quan herbal, once boiled, add in duck legs and stew for 1 1/2 hour or until the meat soften, season to taste.(pic 3-4)
在炖锅内倒入6杯水,加入十全大补药材,煮沸,加入鸭肉,炖煮1个1/2小时至入味及肉软,最后加入调味料 。(图3-4)

Note: may serve with Mee Shua.
注: 可以烫熟面线,加入一起食用。
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