Grilled Chicken Wings with Mint Sauce Recipe 香烤鸡翅膀薄荷酱食谱

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Grilled Chicken Wings with Mint Sauce Recipe 香烤鸡翅膀薄荷酱食谱
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A fantastic grilled chicken wings with mint sauce dish that comes together in only 30 minutes!

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Ingredient and Portion
8 pcs chicken wings / 鸡翅膀 8只(洗净)

Marinades/腌料 :
1/2 tsp chicken powder/ 鸡精粉 1/2茶匙
2 tbsp sugar / 糖 2汤匙
1 tbsp black peppercorn (crushed) / 黑胡椒粒 1汤匙(打碎)
1 tbsp oyster sauce / 蚝油 1汤匙
2 tbsp rice wine / 米酒 2汤匙
1/2 tbsp dark soy sauce / 黑酱油 1/2汤匙
2 tbsp Tabasco / Tabasco辣椒酱 2汤匙
30g corn flour / 粟米粉 30克

Mint sauce:blended / 薄荷酱料:打烂
10g mint leaves / 薄荷叶 10克
6 tbsp mayonnaise / 美奶兹 6汤匙
2 tbsp peanut butter / 花生酱 2汤匙
1/2 tsp wasabi / 山葵酱 1/2茶匙
1 tbsp condensed milk / 炼奶 1汤匙
1 lemon (juice) / 柠檬汁 1粒
2 tsp sugar / 糖 2茶匙

Garnishing / 装饰:
some mint leaves / 薄荷叶 适量
1. Wash chicken wings and season with marinades for overnight.

2. Grill chicken wings in preheat oven at 180℃ for about 20 minutes until golden brown.

3. Put all sauce ingredients into blender and blend finely.

4. Pour sauce over grilled chicken wings to serve.
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