Green Curry Nai You Pak Choy Recipe 青咖哩奶白食谱

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Green Curry Nai You Pak Choy Recipe 青咖哩奶白食谱
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Green Curry Nai You Pak Choy Recipe, it stimulates bowels movement, protects eyesight and replenishes calcium.

Ingredient and Portion
Organic Nai You Pak Choy (cut)/ 有机奶白 (切段)1 stalk/棵
Organic Cauliflower (cut) / 有机包菜花 (切块)1 piece/小粒
Organic Curry Powder / 有机咖哩粉 1 ½ tablespoons/匙
Grape Seed Oil /葡萄籽油 2 tablespoons/ 匙

Organic Broccoli/ 有机花椰菜 1 piece (small)/小粒
Organic Soya Milk Powder (low sugar) / 有机豆奶粉 (低糖)2 tablespoons/ 匙
Organic White Sesame (fried until fragrant) / 有机白芝麻 (烤香)1 tablespoons/ 匙
Water/ 水 / 100 milliliters/毫升
Organic 84 Live Sea Salt (Fine) / 有机84活性海盐(细)1 teaspoons / 茶匙
1. Blend some broccoli, soy milk powder and sesame in a blender. Add in water to blend them.
将一些花椰菜, 豆奶粉和芝麻放入搅拌器, 加水搅烂。

2. Heat oil, add in curry powder and fry until fragrant. Add in sauce and stir-fry, set aside.
热油,加入咖哩粉炒香, 加入酱料拌炒, 备用。

3. Arrange the nail yao pak choy, broccoli and cauliflower onto a plate and steam it.
奶白, 花椰菜和包菜花排列在蒸盘上,蒸熟。

4. Pour the curry over the dish, garnish and serve.
将咖哩汁 淋在蒸熟的菜上,点缀即可。
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