Fungus Chicken Soup Recipe 双耳鸡汤食谱

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Fungus Chicken Soup Recipe 双耳鸡汤食谱
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The two funguses are dries black fungus and dries white fungi. Use these two and put into the chicken soup and boil. Has high nutritious. Drink one bowl of this fungus chicken soup will keep you warm during the cold weather.

Ingredient and Portion
400g "Kampong" chicken (skinless, cut into pieces) / 400克土鸡/马来鸡(去皮,剁块)
60g dried black fungus (soaked) / 60克黑木耳(清水泡软)
60g dries white fungi (soaked) / 60克雪耳(清水泡软)
3 sliced ginger / 3片生姜
10g wolfberry / 10克杞子
10 red dates / 10粒红枣
2.5 litres water / 2.5公升清水

调味料 / Seasoning :
1 tsp salt / 1小匙盐
1 tsp chicken seasoning powder / 1小匙鸡精粉
1. Blanch chicken into boiling water for a short while, dish out and drain.

2. In a soup pot, add the chicken, fungus, fungi, ginger, wolfberry and red dates.

3. Add boiled the water, bring to boil over high heat. Once boiled, reduce to low heat. Cover the lid and cook for 2 hours, season with salt. Serve hot.
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